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This is my life. Poetry frees me; it puts my mind at rest. ✝ Child Of The One True King ✝
Started writing poetry from age 5 encourage by my parents who taught me music .. singing.. the fine arts... have three books in publication.. and ...


Pastell dichter Sep 2015
Sweetheart I love you,
You don't need a mask,
Your beautiful and smart
and sweetheart I love you,
for you and not for who you pretend to be,
You don’t need to try to be any thing more than you,
Because you are strong and brave
and I know you may not love your self as much as you should,
But sweetheart I love you,
So please don't hide behind a mask,
Let me see you as you and not as any one else,
I believe in you sweetheart,
I know you can do it,
I’m not asking you to smile for me,
I’m not asking you to laugh,
I just want you sweetheart,
Because I love you and I want my sweetheart back.
for my maple
Gudden  Oct 2015
My sweetheart
Gudden Oct 2015
My sweetheart is very sweet,
I never thought he could be a cheat..
But my sweetheart being very sweet,
My misconception did beat...

My sweetheart is very cute,
For me he used to play piano and at times flute,
My sweetheart being very cute,
With his flute,  at me loads of love did shoot...

My sweetheart is very important,
He never left me alone and nowhere did went...
My sweetheart being very important..
With his attitude, today went..