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Carmen Jane Feb 22
You've slipped on ice and you broke your leg
It was a half a second when this happened
A small sound, like when you crack an eg,
Another issue to your life was addend.

You're always in a hurry my friend,
Superhero blood runs in your veins,
Everyone heartaches you try to mend
But you’ ve kept your own needs in chains.

Now the doctor suggested to rest,
So to hurry, you don't need no more
Unchaining your needs is your quest
And finding  your dreams is your chore!
R Feb 5
I belong right here
in your arms
where I can be safe
from myself.

I was chosen by chance
The moment fate took a bite
The start of my story
Was the end of his life
I felt unworthy and confused
Running farther from the fight
I wasn't scared of the dark
I was more scared of the light
That focused on my failures
Weighed by greater expectations
I was ****** into the web
Of my own frustration
I want to run and hide
Just to escape it all
Forget what fate has given me
All of my fears and all of my falls
This mask that holds a legacy
Wasn't able to mask a novice
Because this suit held a hero
And I wasn't suited for this promise
Khoi-San Nov 2018
Far out of the corner of his
Eye he followed a star
Shining deep in the distant
Dark matter concealed his
Hand out of sight
The connection was COMIC
From the hammer of Thor
Stan Lee created
Spiderman and the Fantastic four
A tribute
To the late great
Stanley Martin (Lieber) Lee
28/12/1922 — 12/11/2018
Creator of Marvel Comics
Spider Man
And many other superheroes
May your journey continue
Among the stars into infinity
You only brought us joy Sir
Yuna Nov 2018
What if
... I could turn back time
... I could go forward
... I could change the days
... I could read your mind

What if
... fairytales would come true
... superheroes do excist
... magic was for everyone
... happiness wasn't a bubble

What if
... I could fullfil my dreams
... I wouldn't be too scared
... I didn't lie to myself
... I could get my happy ending.

What if...
Aaron LaLux Oct 2018
Half Batman half Robin,
Houston we have a problem,
and you don’t want no problem with me,
I’m off balanced and on one,

at the head of the table,
Delilah’s on a Sunday,
not willing but I am able,
I guess we’ve all gotta go one day,

but that day is not today,
or tonight got two lights,
one for the occasional cigarette,
and one that’s a Brunette that burns bright,

feeling cliche as fck but that’s okay because you know what,
we are at the top of the pyramid so it only makes sense we’re high,

hi I’m high,
how are you,
haven’t seen you in awhile might’ve been forever till now,
then you appear like a ghost at a haunting and say “Boo!”,

the things you do your new name’s Obsession,
it’s ironic that you asked me to have a staring contest,
since I’d confessed that I was already staring,

had my eye on you as soon as you entered the room,
I was perched in my throne at the head of the table,
but I was thrown when you waltzed in like a Godsend,
my God you’re the stuff of fairytales and fables,

the only one I wanted to talk to,
to in that whole venue,
and we’re talking Delilah’s not a dive bar,
so you know there were some quality options from which to choose,

but we both knew it was a rap,
as soon as you read the poem I’d wrote on that napkin,
and yeah this is Hollywood,
so yeah sometimes that kind of magic still happens,

you gave me your number in front of your boyfriend,
and didn’t even care so I didn’t either,
because we’re True Lovers,
we’re The Proof that can turn any sceptic into a True Believer,

a combination of all things yet still totally unique,
and yeah we’ve got our issues but hey we’ve all got our problems,
so we come together like two phones tethered or better yet bare feet on a beach,
and then we get ghost and disappear outta the reach of their nonsense,


∆ Aaron LaLux ∆

October 8th, 2018
Hollywood, CA.
Meet Sep 2018
To walking out of the house alone
To killing enemies with every dying emotion
To those who stand still in soulfading light
To those who don’t hesitate taking a bullet with pride
We salute you because you're willing to fight!

To face every plight without getting afraid
To bathe sometimes in the rain of grenades
To those with their eternal will
To those with the restless spirit
We salute you because you refuse to quit!

To the sacrifices that seemed very normal
To the courage amidst the literal horror
To those who dare to fight their own fears
To those who die fighting for us at the border
We salute you because YOU all are the real avengers!

And all those mothers who shed tears at night
All the wives keep waiting in the fading sight
All the families who lost their beloved ones
To those all who only lived once but shall stay forever
In our hearts, in our memories
In the history, for their dauntless bravery
To the real superheroes of our nation who don’t fight for any fame
I salute you because it's not a shame!
I salute them because its not a shame!
My darkness
Is unbearable
I lay underneath the covers
Curled up and blinking

Do I feel so wretched?
If I had the strength I would change this terrycloth robe
Wash it maybe
Look out the window and not have it burn my eyes

Instead I lay here
I push the blankets away and
Look up at the pimpled paint job on the ceiling
The crackalure of antique white
I loathe that color
It pierces my soul with
Bland forbearance

What am I to do?
Take a pill. Talk about it.

The phone rings as it does
My maid enters
There’s someone on the line
There’s a problem
It’s always the same

A rather large stegosaurus ravaging
the South Seas
A rich magnate with bombs and a timer
Laocoön’s prophecy coming true
It’s just too much

She holds the phone extended
with her hand on her hip
waiting impatiently
I know that she has work to do
and that I am no help, stalling
There are dishes and laundry
She wants to wash these sheets
I crawl out and put on my tights
My belt
My cape

She hands me
my multivitamin and my smoothie
as I leave
but I’ll be back
and will slip like a python
into the new ironed sheets
before the evening darkness
Which awaits patiently for me
And I will stay there
Until that phone rings again
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
She is a woman who I loved the most and I cared first,
She is also a woman who were never been sick of understanding me,
She is a woman who I am proud the most.
I never did regret having such a mother.
A mother who will always caress and care you.
A mother who will never leave in your side.
A mother who will always understands your situation.
A mother who will always mind of what worries you.
A mother who will always protect you no matter what.
A mother who will always struggle even if her life will be lessen.
A mother who will never give up struggling just to feed you.
A mother that who could always makes you proud.
A mother that is too proud of having someone like you.
Even you're having a disease, illness and you are in sickness;
she is always in your side no matter what.
A mother who is always looking for a money just to feed its children.
A mother who will not let you stand in the storm that is raging.
A mother who will care for you when you are sick.
A mother who will always worry being you caught in a sickness or illness.

Such a blessed that a mother that I am having right now.
God, you really are the best. No matter who you are and what you are, God you will always be the best.
Even though that sometimes I get mad of those things that I don't want to happen, still I am thankful.

However, because I love my mother very much. Ma, thank you and I love you once again !
A mother who is always a superhero to you. ♥
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