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Sav May 2019
We had been friends.

Friends for not very long.

I had never seen you before that day,
that day that you walked into grade 11 drama class.

I only knew one person in that class.

A friend of a friend.

When we were asked to get into groups of three.

You came over and I was annoyed but like the flip the flip of a switch I went from hatred to love.

I fell in love with you faster than a green light turns red.

I was so young.

16 turning 17 when I met you.

That feels weird on my tongue.

Many walks, moves, movies, and music later, something happened.

I don't know what it was.

But you let me kiss you, and you kissed me back.

My brain traced back to highschool in those moments, and how long I  had been waiting for this.

You kissed me, and kissed me.

And told me I was beautiful.

I cannot express how that time felt to me, H.

This is one part of one story.
LaDawn Oct 2018
Hi! So here's a small little story to make up for my absences.

So At the age of 7 I was living with my, and he's and amazing dad, but alcohol is a thing in his life. In fact sometimes it seems like it the only thing her truly cares about.
When I was 7 I had a dog, He was a pit bull, and this was when the whole 'blame the owner not the breed thing was happening', Anyways he was my best friend. I'm sure most of us where weird children, but i still was pretty out of the norm, and he was the only one i could really call a best friend.
My step mom had found a stray dog one dad after work. It was storming and cold...Ironic right?
She decided to let the stray dog in, he was sweet nice and our dog was okay with him. My dad just happen to have too many beers that night. He didn't think about it when our dog was smelling the stray so he spanked the dog with a wooden spoon and then he put our dog in my room. That was normal the dog in my room, I was told to go to bed for yelling at him.

The next morning I did what I've always done, I got ready for school, which consisted of getting dressed, making breakfast, etc, and hugging and kissing my dog goodbye until i came home at 2:35 pm, That morning I didn't make it to school. I never got to leave the house except for when my step mom, and dad had to carry me to the car on the way to the hospital, with a ****** rag on my face. That rag had held my face together, My dog had mauled me, and when I woke after hours of surgery, I found that he was out down. MY dad couldn't forgive himself, and he couldn't forgive the dog so he made the decision to put our best friend down...
I'm not petrified of dogs, I'm just wary. I know my limits and I know how to read everything including animals a lot better than I did.
Warning if you have problem with alcohol, or pit bulls and that whole situation...This is not for you.
Taoist Monk Sep 2018
I met a seer of note,
One night while visiting a fair
Drawn in by her hollow stare,
While she was standing on a passing float

I was caught in an unyielding grip,
As she held my attention with her eyes
They promised to tear me strip by strip
As she'll sort the truths from my lies

She beckoned me with a crooked finger
As she stepped off the float's deck
I thought I'd dare to linger,
But felt a clawing at my throat, a threat

With a quickened step
I went after her, with haste
Closer, the feeling of fear crept,
The rising bile, I could taste

Like a gracious host, she told me to sit
And then grabbed my hand in her claw
Her eyes directed me to a cup full of grit
I forgot to breathe at what I saw

A hand, severed at the wrist
In a place, shrouded in flames.
I recognized it as I felt my heart twist
The hand of my brother, James

Tears fell from my eyes
The memories came down crashing
I saw her smile and felt my anger rise
My eyes may have also been flashing

What right did she have
To bring up something so painful
Then have the gall to laugh
At succeeding in being cruel

"I have a message for you"

She said, staring down her nose at me

"Your brother has something to say.
He knows about your pain and anger, at what happened on that day."

Then from underneath the table, she brought out a package

"He said, to give you this. It was taken from the wreckage."

My trembling hand shot out and I took from her the gift
Then I ran out alarmed as the tent was swallowed by a rift

Once I was at a fair, where her all-seeing eyes beckoned
Then I found myself in my bed, gasping air.
Must have been a nightmare, I reckoned

Then I saw on my pillow
The cruel truth show
The gift from that seeing cow
Sitting with an eerie glow
A dream, come frighteningly true.
Erika Rose Aug 2018
When it is my turn
For my soul to detach from my body
Tell them my story
Tell them about the girl
Who had dreams of saving the world
Who saw the humility and beauty in others
Who believed that there was an abundance of greatness
Sprinkled throughout the Earth
Yet she was blind to her own sparkle
The girl who always wanted to give
But never felt like she was good enough to receive
Self disclosure writing
EmperorMoth Jun 2018
Hello, my dear, care to open your eyes and ears?

I have a story I'd like to share, but must I ask of you to care?

Maybe you won't, you've judged it now, but soon you may not feel such doubt.

Come into my old memories, may they'll bring some type of feeling.

Long ago inside the blue, there was a boy, quite little too,

And In this blue, there was little noise or light, or even cute little toys,

But there were people, not too many, they would be the little boy's invisible family,

While grandma swayed to drunken daze, the little boy sat not too amazed,

For what he sees is nothing bad, just typical when one grows up this sad,

Not long much later a beast appears and whispers into the little boy's ear,

"Come with me, my little friend, let's play until you're happy again",

The beast smiled and disappeared, the little boy followed without any fear,

And wandered, he did, into a place, a world so simple yet also not safe

"My little innocent friend, no time to play in my big wonderland. Let us get down to the bluntness of blunt, no giggling, babbling, nothing of such"

And here is when the things go south, although the little boy was too little to doubt

He, made to obey the beast, too little to fight, too little to cease

Unclothed, no shame, what was there to shame, he didn't really know what there was to blame

Soon told to lie down, head facing the ground, he remembered he couldn't make any sounds

He heard so much noise, what did they expect, a child so young to just lie and not check,

So he did just that, and witness no glee, a thing not of his world, no, nothing he's seen,

He turned far away, but kept right in place, for he was told not to move or turn his face

The beast came on down, and tried to hurt him, did he know that it was getting so grim

It just did not work, the pain he wanted, the little boy free again, guess the beasts daunted

Many years later the boy knew what happened, and yet it does not affect him like it happened, so hell is memories you cannot erase, but neither do you learn from their bitter waste
Please tell me what you think happened. It'll help me to fix it.
David Acker Jr Mar 2018
Can we go where life met laughter. To when love had more value than fame. To how we used to respect those who came before us. And family extend far beyond the limits of your doorsteps. Can I get back to a gap toothed smile and fill em in puzzles. To puff bread and pecan candy. To walking my hanging with the homies at Dunbar. Who want to go back to walking from Oak St to Wakefield. Playing ball at Centennial Park, East end community center and MLK Elementary. Somehow I've wipped away a lot of my memory, however, I'll never forget my homies playing their makeshift drum set and me winking at their sister behind their back. Childhood crushes right. I have erased dates and events but the way you all have influenced me is engraved in me like the chiseled details on Donatello sculptures. I just want to go.....
Thoughtsonpaper Feb 2018
If a girl is hopelessly crying in a forest and no one is around to hear her, did she actually cry?

All that you’ve heard about Rapunzel is pure lies.
She had jet black hair, that was darker than the midnight sky.
Entirely broken inside, waiting to end her life.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you what really happened tonight
Grab a delicious treat and something sweet to drink.
Before I wish you a goodnight’s sleep.

Once upon a time there was a young girl named Rapunzel
Since the age of ten she had been locked away in a monstrous tower.
Kept in chains by her demons all day.
They liked to play games with her mental state.

One of the games included, Simon Says.
Simon Says, cut a blade through your wrist.
Simon Says, bang your head against the brick wall,
Until you begin bleeding and start to fall.
She hated Simon Says,
But she always obeyed what they said.

Mother Gothel was an antagonist; a myth.
Rapunzel made her up in her mind to have someone to blame,
For all the wretched pain which she endured everyday.

Loneliness became her closest friend
As she sat alone in a cobwebbed den.
Listening to the clock ‘tick tock’ in her head
Over again like a broken record.
Making her want to rip her hair out to shreds.

The voices screaming in her head made her psychotic.
No one cared about this depressive girl,
More than they did about summer rain.
They all couldn’t see her suffering, so it didn’t matter.
Instead they threw her in a tower, an architect built.
So her mind could rot in tiny pieces, lying still.

One day a boy named Flynn came into the mix.
He loved her with all his heart; they could never be apart.
When he was around, her eyes light up.
Forgetting the misery that came after dark

Tomorrow came along.

Rapunzel was found sobbing in her fragile pale hands.
“Leave me alone!”, she screamed in terror with her eyes closed shut.
Shaking uncontrollably, while the rain and tears flowed as one.
Just like the river she wanted to drown herself in.

Flynn gently helped her to her feet in panic.
The electricity still flowing through her entire body.
“I love you.” he softly whispered into her ear.
“I love you!” he says with passion and honesty.
Her breathing slowly came to a halt, after hearing him speak.
He made her believe that life had some meaning.

Her soul now feels at peace
She looks at him with pure sincerity  
He whips her tears away, “I’ll never leave you”.
A promise he can never keep.
“I love you too”, she says with ease.
Their eyes meet together, as they laugh in unison.
Lips softly meet as one; the night has just began.
This is the happiest Rapunzel has ever been in years,
Too bad it will all suddenly disappear.

It was all an illusion.
Rapunzel suffered from Schizophrenia.
Flynn was a figment of her imagination.
An escape from her cruel reality she faced.
The townspeople didn’t want to deal with her mental illness.
So they washed her away, to be left astray.

People hate what they don’t understand,
So everyday for eight years she sat freezing in sorrow.
While her demons devoured her spirit.
Incapable of love and affection.
With a hollow chest where her heart should be.

In order to cope with the ‘life’ she was living,
Her mind made up Flynn.
Though they were madly in love; he was a fairytale.
As years went by depression ate her whole.
She died alone, in a pitch black room.
No light seeping in, with nobody to love and hold her.
To tell her everything will be okay,
And keep her heart beating in place.

If a girl dies alone in a tower, where everyone hates her, and no one is around to witness her death: did she actually exist?
The End.
I dedicate this poem to my childhood self. You deserved and deserve better. For all the sunny days people shattered with grey clouds.

I hope this poem means as much to you as it does to me. Don't stop until your reach "The End". I promise you won't regret it. I swear.
Jackie Mead Aug 2017
Prince Simon, Prince Jason and Princess Sophie lived a regal life.

Slaying dragons and battling witches by day, monsters and zombies by night.

Each day brought adventures new, trips on boats and to the zoo.

One particular day when feeling bored, Prince Simon decided to explore.

Down to the basement, he slowly sneaked, quietly to take a peek.  New adventures he did seek.

A rickety old wardrobe he did find and suddenly an adventure sprang to mind.

Running as fast as his legs would go, bellowing with his lungs as hard as they would allow.

"Prince Jason, Princess Sophie please come soon, I have a rocket to take us to the Moon". "Roll up, roll up tickets please, pull your dress right in Princess Sophie it's going to be a squeeze".

All three were so excited they could hardly say a sound.

Prince Simon reached around them both and pulled the door shut tight, buckle up fellow explorers you're in for the ride of your life.

The Wardrobe began to rock and shake, the Wardrobe began to lift and quake.

Destination the Moon, hold on tight we'll get there soon

The rocket started rising faster and faster, higher and higher.

All three children were delighted, the rocket ship made them so excited.

Higher and higher, faster and faster, they rose into the sky.

Higher and higher, faster and faster, leaving the earth behind.

Prince Simon, Prince Jason and Princess Sophie, all declared. "I hope we'll get there soon, I can't wait to walk on the Moon"

"Walk on the Moon", let me think Prince Jason declared, "I'm not sure that we can breathe without any air".

"No air," said Sophie that's no good!, "I need air, what about a hood?"
"A hood is a good idea," said Prince Simon "an oxygen tank and heavy shoes too". "Let's search around the Wardrobe and see what we can find".

Together they searched high and low, finding items as they go.

"A hood" shouted Sophie "just what we need at least now we can all breathe".

"Heavy shoes" shouted Jason, "thank goodness for that, now we can go walking, I heard the moons flat".

"An oxygen tank", Simon declared "together with the hood and boots we are fully equipped for our trip, whoop, whoop, whoop!".

The items they came in three sizes, small for Princess Sophie, medium for Prince Jason and large for Prince Simon and quickly they all dressed up, it wouldn't be long now before the wardrobe came to a stop.

The rocket started descending, slowly it did fall and the children curled together on the floor in a tight knit ball.

Once the rocket had landed the children all ascended to their feet,
clearly excited not one of them could speak.

Prince Simon was the eldest and took the superior role, he looked out the window and said I will be the first to go.

Prince Simon conjured up his nerve to open wide the door, stepped outside, turned around with a smile a mile wide and set off to explore.

Thirty seconds later he shouted out to Prince Jason and Princess Sophie to join him by his side, "I have an idea" he said to them both that the moon is made of cheese.

Prince Jason and Princess Sophie laughed so much they began to cough and wheeze.

"Made of cheese" they both declared "you really must be mad", but we must be sure they all said, so let's all set off to explore.

One by one they found a spot and pulled a chunk off in their hands, looking at each other daring to be first, "altogether" Prince Simon shouted with an enthusiastic burst.

"Cheddar" shouted Prince Simon, "Edam" shouted Princess Sophie, "Red Leicester" shouted Prince Jason, they looked at each other in disbelieve.

They could not fathom how they had all got their favourite cheese, so they moved around the moon, trying different spots, leaving behind them crater pots but that did not make them stop.

Half an hour later their tummies were full, having eaten every type of cheese you can name from Brie to Camembert, Wensleydale to Stilton.

Looking back the 3 space cadets could see what they'd done to the moon, "I think" said Prince Simon "we need to return soon to try to mend the moon".

But now it's time to go they all 3 agreed, we've been gone a long time and mummy will be worried.

They climbed into the rocket and took off all the clothes, set their destination to their home a million miles below.

As they approached their home, the roof opened and the rocket landed safely just in time for tea.

The children all stumbled out of the wardrobe and running through the doors found their mummy in the kitchen serving up their tea.

"Where have you been?" mummy asked, "I've been calling you 3, now you're here just in time for your very favourite tea - Macaroni Cheese!"

The children usually would have been delighted now all moaned and grumbled "Mummy" they sighed "we all have belly aches, can we please be denied our tea and just go straight to bed".  

We are sure that by the morning break we will no longer have our belly aches and tomorrow for our tea we would love Macaroni Cheese :)
2017/11/20 - Update
I am pleased to say that this story, beloved of our family for such a long time has been published today by
When I was about 10 yrs old I bought the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe book with a voucher I won at school. It was the first book I ever bought. My children were raised on all the books and films.
When my children were little I used to tell them this story at bedtime they would request it rather than a book.
When they got older I wrote the story up for them and bound it and gave it to them so they would have it for their children. I have converted the story to verse. It's a lot more difficult than I first thought and I am not entirely happy with it but happy enough to publish on HP and welcome the feedback from my fellow poets.  I will continue to work on it and will update it and republish it at a later date.
I have not plagiarised any words from the Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, these words are my own and the children's names are my own too, although I am not a Queen :)
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