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Passion Jun 2020
A truth did I find
Though in all truth I was not the fist to give it mind
Many before me have found
What I am about to expound
That is that most look upon suicide as a victimless crime
While in truth it is the opposite and kills all at one time
For it insults all creation
It puts down every relation
It ends all for that person
And commands all to darken
By putting out their life
They quench all life
By saying they are done with the world
They declare themselves better than all the world
And though they accuses their behavior by some emotion
It does not justify their horrendous notion
For the ****** claims the same excuse
But they do this to no use
Tell me know,
Does this make sense?
Or should I, my rambling, dispense?
Tell me what you think...
"When faced with,
what seems to be,
an impossible challenge...

...ordinary people have
no choice but
to do the impossible."
Delta Swingline Mar 2017
My first thought when I wake up:

Is that I hate you.
You make me so mad
And you cause me so much pain.
You -- are my reflection.

And I'll say a prayer by my bed just for you.
Dear God, teach me how to love myself.

Is my last thought when I go to bed.
We were told to create 20 word poems for our first thought waking up and our last thought before going to bed. As you can see, I am very masochistic. I'll be going now.
No matter how many
love poems I write,

Or times I try explaining
all of it to you

None of it would be as effective
as if I were to simply
place my heart on a platter

and that would be an act
whose gruesomeness
would be profane,

no statement is proper
no statement is effective

and you tell me that I don’t need
to try explaining it ,
but then sometimes lying next to you,
I am afraid that I am draining too much
and not opening my own floodgates
Knights Apr 2015
celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole
relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world
a story, poem, or picture,
a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning
but does this have a meaning?
love, loyalty, or enthusiasm
being faithful and dependable
the nature and appreciation of beauty.
philosophy which deals with questions of beauty and artistic taste.
a statement of the exact meaning of a word
Alan S Bailey Mar 2015
The lakes and streams filled with natures goodness,
Skys eerie and filled with only questions,
The lilting laughs of the young playful women,
And the prompting for springtime suggestions.
I was always laughed at then, ridiculed, a joke.
In the mornings I would bring with me as always
Oats and honey for breakfast. Your beautiful doe
Eyes always batted at me. I was youthful, bearded face,
Strong lean body. My friends had all but abandoned me.
Everyone said we were evil, poisoned fruit from a tree.
The bon fire lit agains all of our faces, sparks flying into the sky.
The woven basket filled with dates, nuts and rice,
My work never finished, speaking of kindness, of life.
They thought I was there to ruin them, to give them over
To the authorities. My dream was to inspire them and give
Them a better understanding of innocent philosophies,
Never once did I mention eternal suffering or grief, let
Alone the way a life without pain. I was there to enliven
Their lives with music, with fine art, wild unruly entertainment,
I never quite respected the forceful authority figures or
The scorn of those who wanted us to "behave,"
But for one reason or another, everyone sought to clean
Up each of my statements.
But you were there, amazon lady, with such strength,
And I your effeminate match, how could it be that I'd found
Such a catch? Our story would go on to be silenced,
Bound with lies, why? Because when they found
Out the truth about us, they sought to change
It to something popular, so they could sell it.
She Sat with her bank statements and other bills
mass of paper and debt
too easy spending using credit cards realising
after several years of denial
pressure from debt recovery firms increased
just wanting to be realised!

Eviction from her home was almost certain
yet still had the urge to spend
from a young age she never went without
brought up n a material way
never knowing hardship so grew to expect
with money came respect!

But those days went when her father died
and mother had a breakdown
committed to an institution and remained
leaving a young woman
totally unprepared for a harsh actuality
she to struggling with sanity!

Never making friends and the only child
the family home a trap
yet containing many happy memories
deepening the melancholy
beside her containers of different pills
some laying on the bills!

The doctor did not seem to understand
said take the medication
for a few weeks and return just a phase
was his not so wise words
leaving with her a dilemma unanswered
her desperation not heard!

In a daze took the tablets lonely confused
going onto a deep sleep
the mobile rang loudly it seemed distant
as her worries began to fade
it became bright and there was her dad
to be with him again so glad!

Debt would not bother her any more!

The Foureyed Poet.
The young woman found herself alone and in debt with life could not cope! The Foureyed Poet.

— The End —