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Dani Dec 2018
Calm, and solid, never a riot
Heavy like a weight on a string
Muscles slow and mind quiet
All this a little pill can bring
Soft and slow like a winter storm
Freezing over a mind and body
Altering the natural form
Changing for better or worse
That is unknown
Whether it be a blessing or curse
No matter at all ‘cause emotions are alone
Stranded, but free
Heavy weighted body, what a cure
Walking through water, maybe
Sweet, blissful relaxation for sure
Written while trying a new medication to attempt to bring the physical symptoms of anxiety down. Amazing for a short while... but anxiety always returns.
Kwamé Mar 2018
It's never been "just" poetry.
Its self expression.
It's art.
It's comfort.
Writing my feelings,
Putting it into words
Detailing life's milestones,
Time's I've felt
My life was essentially,
Emptier than the
most empty well
in the Sahara
But also the
Times my life was full
And overflowing with joy
When my heart
Expanded with love
And inevitably exploded
Into heartbreak
you were here
 to pick up
The pieces.
Without you,
My mind would
Slowly begin to
Become bogged down
With poisonous thoughts,
Self defeating prophecies...
This is why I write
SwordNPen Jul 2017
Honesty is draining
and i'm mean real heartbreaking
truth the stuff your afraid to admit
the things that scare you to your core.
That's the honesty i'm talking about. When
we admit things were afraid to say, the things
we've held onto for so long  we become released
from ourselves
He calls himself a runaway,
A bandit, a thief, a liar,
But I have seen a sacred place
Trapped inside of him,
And he is just as human
As he claims not to be.

He wanders the backroads at twilight,
Whistling, wondering, waiting,
Watching for a double rainbow;
He’s seen six, and is living for the seventh,
“Another sin,” he’ll say,
And maybe he’ll never find it,
Or perhaps he’ll be released, somehow.
Poem based on the prompt: Write a poem using the words and phrases "runaway," "double rainbow," "another sin," "somehow released," and "runaway."

You can find more of my poetry at
Pauline Morris Jul 2016
In the coffin bear
You will find it there
If you want to know
All the secrets it will hold
All the sorrow and the strife
Will all end in the passing of life
Take a look at the empty shell
It's been released from it's cell
Commuter Poet Jul 2016
On this day
The world can see clearly
The lies
That we knew
Were told
And sold
To the people

On this day
The photographs
Tell deeper truths
As bereaved mothers
Hold pictures of their departed sons

On this day
The self righteous leader
Is named by one as
The worst terrorist of all

On this day
The people
Are at a loss
To know
Whom to trust

On this day
Although my heart sinks low
And I grieve
At all loss
I will try to believe
That we can change
7th July 2016
Devin Ortiz Feb 2016
My ears bleed
This ******* noise
Eardrums bursting
While I beg
For Silence

It creeps and crawls
Each wave crashing
Against my last nerve
Pushed over the edge
Diving head first
Into oblivion.
Cat Fiske Jan 2016

don't give in,
don't let them,
make your worst dreams,
come out,


as loud as you want.
as loud as you need.
but make sure you,


before the demands on the inside
**get released,
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