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rey May 2017
i got admitted to a place to learn a new language
i met saints and ancient evils along the way

have you ever felt like growing colorful?

today marks a year after this place got a new paint job

i got admitted to attain new colors again
and this paint job simply never ends
rey Apr 2017
she's counting her bills
and counting on her prayers

he left before she knew what it meant to stay

she spent years of her childhood building herself alone
hoping that she would be loved when fully built

she ate her pride and drank her hopes, then
she lost her pride and bought new hopes

she's spending years building herself alone
for herself alone

she figured out what it means to stay

she's counting on her bills
and counting her prayers
rey Apr 2017
some people have their heads in the cloud because they're falling stars
some people dance in the rain because they can't take shelter

i'm not watering down your fight
i'm not burying my might

some days you ask where this plane is going and some days you realize you're on a train
most days you don't

how free are you?
does it matter?
rey Apr 2016
the sky guarding your sleep
the clouds keeping you warm
the wind whispering lullabies
the fire dying and resurrecting
the wolves calling for moons
the trees shivering

i asked mother nature once
she loves you
rey Mar 2016
i met someone approximately six years ago
he resembles you so much
i thought you were his brother
he thought i cared about him

the year after that, i got to know someone
but i never got to know him fully
at least not until three years after that
he took long to be understood; but he is

then you thought i would stay by your side
i wanted to, but never did
you're taking long to be understood
and when i thought you are, you aren't

so to answer your question,
i have met thousands of your kind
and have met you for the first time twice
but you, sir, still remain a question for me
rey Dec 2015
i remember being in a car when i was four years old, looking outside and smiling, being thankful that it hadn't rained for months.
i remember walking down this very pavement when it was slippery and i was six and wanting nothing else but to go home
i remember going to my best friend's house when water flooded the streets, i fell down and bruised my knee
i remember seeing a woman lose her shoe during a flood

i feel like i wasn't made to love rain. i love it when it ends. i love the smell of the grass after it rains. i love rainbows. i love all the cliches of it.

to answer your question,
i loved the rain exactly twice in my life
the second one being last june
you left in july and i haven't loved rain since
rey Nov 2015
I'm sorry you couldn't sleep I'm sorry you were awake in someone else's dream I'm sorry it was mine again
I miss you
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