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Aug 2016
Woke up early this morning
To discover you weren’t lying beside me
Ran to the kitchen hoping to find you
Ready with pancakes, pouring my coffee
But it’s empty.

I’ve spent a lot of time warring with myself
To make a change, leave you behind
Start new because you’re always late
And I’ve noticed your eyes wander
I’m feeling betrayed,
Wondering, “Shouldn’t they be on me?”

I used to be able to read your mind
Now there’s only vacant stares
Fake smiles exchanged across the room
Arrogant laughter tickling my ears
I’m feeling insecure
Wondering, “Is this a phase?”

I see the way you look at them
The warmth in your eyes
Used to be directed at me
Instead, I receive shallow waves of insincerity

I’m looking down from the edge of no-turning-back
I tipped over the hourglass  
I can feel each grain passing through the pinched center
I can see time running out
For you and I

Woke up early this morning
You weren’t lying beside me
Walked to the kitchen knowing I wouldn’t find you
Readied the pancakes, poured my coffee
Feeling content
I’m ready for the conquest
Mrs Robota
Written by
Mrs Robota  In the eyes of time
(In the eyes of time)   
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