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Jun 2017
If I am a wanderer,
do I have to be lost?
Where did I begin,
and will I see an end?

I won't call it "the end",
but "my destination to be"
It'll make everyone feel at ease,
even me.

Plan A could have pleased
My optimism equalled my confidence
Oh, how I wish it had worked out
I concluded it to be my only way out

I didn't think of a plan B, C, or D,
I didn't make it to E through Z
I'm right back to square one
I find myself stuck and alone

My optimism will peak soon,
I will see an option or two
Right now, everything seems meaningless
And everything I did incredulous

I'm not one to drift into the wild dark
My soul, intact or wounded, craves peace.
My heart, empty or full, leads and conquers
My voice, shaky or unheard, still comes from me.

I'll get to where I long to be
But I'm back to square one
And don't know where that might be
Forgive me, if I waste time
But I need it.
I've been rejected. It's not the rejection that hurts me but the fact that I have to stay here just a little longer. I am not sure where I wanna go or what I wanna do anymore. I am gonna figure it out again.
Written by
Carlyyyy  25/F/South Dakota
(25/F/South Dakota)   
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