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Britney Lyn Dec 2017
The sky tonight is grey, starless, and a little foggy; just like me.
Eleanor Rigby Nov 2015
She is a romance magnet
And when she walks
I can almost see the moon
Follow her steps.
And when she goes to sleep
The night sky goes starless
For the stars have no one to shine upon
Except her.
But me,
I am just like the rest.

-- Eleanor
Katlyn Orthman Apr 2014
Plague rests upon the tips of green leaves
Turning them to black with disease
Darkness seeps into the fragile sky
The stars begin to ascend as the sun slowly dies

Tears feed the soil with their woe
Rivers are born, of sadness they flow
So early war has taken hostage
This Earths thick foliage

Skin decays and fades away
But angry souls do remain
Their cadaverous fingerprints left behind
As time begins to pass them by

Nocturnal night lingering here
With death drifting near
These people weep
They no longer sleep

— The End —