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Oct 2019
Have you ever seen a starless sky?
Asked the little girl
Where when you look up,you see nothing
But a blanket of despair

An epitome of darkness
Cloaked in clouded fear
Shrouded little darkened stars
A fallen angel's tear

The curious girl then looked up
Towards the little boy
Anticipating his reply
Tightly hugging her little toy

Do you believe a starless sky
Really does exist?
Or is it just how you percieve
And what your mind insists?

Do you think that stars are not there
Just because they can't be seen
Or maybe they just need more time
To light the sky up like how they've been

The little boy, full of wonder
Questioned back the puzzled girl
Saying things that can't be seen
Doesn't mean that it's not there

You see, the little boy spoke
There really is no starless sky
It all depends in what we believe
And the viewer's eyes
We are under the same star(less) sky
Written by
JKM  101/Other/Paper
     --- and Bogdan Dragos
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