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Aug 2020
My eyes were traipsing all across the room — my irked nose was lined with all its corroded details and the charred foul smell of blood. Where my hands firmly cradled and the sky peeking through the cracked window passes, am I hopeless?

"Just call my name on the edge of the night," My ears wobbled in the melancholy raspy voice of a man telling me from before he faded away. I remember him grinning and caressing the tip of my nose, yet I couldn't open my pursed lips.

"Call me and I'll run to you," His voice erupted throughout the house, it is like his plump lips meeting my ears' tips.

"I- I really can't!” I whispered. You are too far, Sky.
I let my eyes wander its blurry sight through the starless horizon from which the eclipse is striding into the darkness. The moon serenading the hurricane, and the gusts of wind whistle and spin — blowing chill bumps through my bones.

Rapidly, a familiar sensation surged through my body — my eyes fixed to a spot where I was in the center of the forest, where the flowers bloom as I saunter by. I traced my fingertips and remembered that he pulled the flower and ended up dead on his bare fingers.

“You know that whatever you touch, it dies.” A faint chuckle I let out. He gazes his eyes into mine — penetrating through my soul — allowing me to drown in his mirrorless eyes. Giving me a new illusion of myself — securing me of a sacred paradise.

The thunder roared like a thirsty lion, he held my hand, and slowly, he vanished and burned into grey ashes.

Where the sky contains a fraction of truth and the heavens got a hold of time, where the underworld brings chaos and chaos grant powers to the mortals.

Where he is Sky, eventually named after Death. Where he is mine and there in him: lies after the present time. Where neither gods nor goddesses can intervene. Where I could no longer call him, Sky; only his remainings I could hang on to.

I closed my eyes and waited for the downpours of the rain.

When there is chaos, there is still time.
When questions remained unanswered, there is the sky, awaits your call.
When there is existence, there's him, the Death.

The gift of chaos is the heavenly realms.
The past.
The present.
The future.
The memories.
The lost.

And then, there, I locked my eyes with him and like a phoenix, where my soul greedy for freedom —and him the Death of the mirrorless sky.
Been occupied for the last weeks and I could not bring myself to write!

P.S Listen to 'Run to You' by Lea Michele when you read this. :)
Coleen Mzarriz
Written by
Coleen Mzarriz  F/bright places.
(F/bright places.)   
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