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Bailey 3d
Sometimes I escape
To a far away place
Where the screams are muffled
And the tears dry up
Where my memories can slowly fade away
Today I went to that place
And tonight I have to return
To my reality
Where the screams take place
The tears turn red
And the memories become nightmares
Jasmine dryer Nov 2018
did you hear that?
its the sound of hundreds
maybe thousands
silently screaming
im one of them
chloé May 2017
your smile misses me while no one was still ever intended for me.
Rachel Katerina Jul 2015
Fate doesn't merely want happiness,
but pain back as well as outscreamed distress,
and buys ruin at a second-hand rate.*

{this quote comes from "The Voices}
Ayeshah Jun 2014
I woke up to screams, so loudly and piercing I felt my heart stop

and seems as if it leaped out of my body,

I kept hearing it

and it seemed to get louder & louder,

a beautiful siren's hollow cries

and wails calling from the unknown darkest places

I've longs to forget

and in the mist of the midnight those screams

haunted me awake,

I felt chills

and fear like never before, it got closer louder even still

and my whole being froze,

I can feel the blood in me go cold and as dark

as I am I'm sure I was a ghostly white

when I felt another's present

and those screams seems to go on forever,

I couldn't open my eyes,

I was to afraid to see what might come next,

at best

I thought whatever it was it'd get me,

I hide under the blankets and seems the screams followed me,

I jumped outta bed with my eyes closed


pressed myself against the walls,

I tried

oh how I tried to call out but

the problem

was it was

I the one

letting out this uncontrollable


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"****** Abuse or any kind, may never show on the outside but on the inside it's murdering our very souls"

— The End —