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Avy Gaile Oct 6
May my heart be strong enough to save you.
May it be a shelter to your weary heart.
I hope I’ll be enough to take away your pain,
because when you’re hurt; I’m hurt too.

May my love bring warmth to your cold heart.
May it be enough to fire up your withering desire.
I hope you’ll find peace in my love,
for my heart always belongs to you.
Avy Gaile Aug 22
I met you on a Friday,
when the week is almost ending,
when the week has been tiring.
I met you and never knew that something is starting.

I met you on a Friday.
My favorite day of the week,
when we can unleash our inner “freaks”,
when alcohol makes us red on the cheeks.
I met you and you make my knees weak.

I met you on a Friday,
the day of partying and *****,
the day when everybody tries to drown their blues.
I met you and little did I know, you’re the one I’m going to choose.

I met you on a Friday.
Back when I was just minding my business & trying to chill,
back when I’m okay on my own; not looking for a thrill.
I met you on a Friday and my heart stood still.
Avy Gaile Aug 16
Today marks the start of forever.
We will conquer the world, we will hope for the better.
I’ll take the left, you’ll take the right.
You will finish your battles, I will win my fights.

Today is the start of forever on my own.
I need to go on my own way for I have grown;
Grown tired & hurt of this roller coaster ride.
I want to escape, I want to hide.

Today is the start of my forever without you.
This is for the better, that I know is true.
I love you, but for now we have to be apart
but rest assured you’ll always be in my heart.

Today marks the start of forever.
We must face the truth, we can’t be together.
Once upon a time, we’re the stars of this story.
And we lived happily ever after, separately.
Avy Gaile Jul 18
Across the room our eyes met.
You reached out your hands and say “Hi, I’m...”
The noise drowned your voice but I just went with it.
“Hello, nice to meet you” I said back and kept quiet.

Smoke filled our lungs,
Alcohol filled our stomachs.
We talked for hours, shared our story;
Discussed everything about love, life, career and even our families.

The night went as deep as our conversation.
Each minute passed we’re slowly having a connection.

Time went as fast as my heartbeat.
You moved in closer and I think I lost it.
My mind wandered into places I’ve never been to,
and I thought to myself “Oh, God. I’m into you.”

Moments slipped into our hands and suddenly it’s dawn.
Then it occurred to me that your name is still unknown.
What’s your name again? I swear I’ll listen this time.
Actually, never mind.

Can I just call you mine?
Avy Gaile Jul 17
I lost the ability to rhyme
because I cannot find the right words to describe
the way you're making me feel.
I sometimes find myself writing a line or two
but I can't finish the piece
because my mind is failing to comprehend
what my heart is trying to explain.
And now I'm struggling,
thinking of ways to end this poem.
I'm running out of words.
I have no ability to rhyme.

But the way your kiss taste,
your touch feels,
your body moves against mine,
how you make me shiver when you say my name,
makes me feel like
I can write a million poetry.
But I'm scared.
I don't want this to end
because I might find my ability to rhyme again
I might find the words again,
I might create a poem once more,

but you're not there .... anymore.
Avy Gaile Jul 15
Kiss me under the stars
& let your warmth swipe away the cold.
Each night the wind blows,
I dream of you & me growing old.
Together, we make a perfect constellation,
Orion & Andromeda are no match.
Your universe is where I wanna stay,
in your eyes I wanna latch.
Come be my moon,
guide my path home - lead the way.
Be the light in my darkness,
until the night turns to day.

— The End —