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Enslaved and encaged for uncountable days and years,
They treated us like animals.
Those brutal hands tried to crush the mob to the vile dust
Lately though....we woke up.. from the slumber....
Then they couldn't stop the reawakened mob from seeking freedom.

The fresh air was ours again
The land was once again restored to build our own nests
We were free.

Yet invisible bug has encroached our land
Trying to test our patience
Yet again....we are enslaved
Yet again....our air is not safe to breathe

Can we gain our freedom back?

We can...
We can...
Yes....we can

Stand for yourself
Stand for your family
Stand for your country
This time our motherland may not require your blood.
Start the Social distancing movement and not the Non-cooperation Movement.
Ignite the Hand washing March rather putting your Hands Up
Unmask the foe by wearing a mask.

Our motherland will certainly wake up to a new morning
Where the air will be fresh to breathe,
Where the land will be free for the crowd to move,
Where we again meet and enjoy gatherings is humans
Who could
Who can
And who will always work night and day to fight out those cruel foreigners from our land!!

Bina Mukherjee
‘Mother’ the most beautiful word in the world,
Given to that lady who is ever so hardworking.
She who shows the faith and determination,
To provide her child with a good upbringing.

By her side is her Husband,
Whose presence is indeed mandatory.
The man whose absence may cause,
A rift in the mother’s story.

Gradually, a new generation is born,
Destined to write the future’s song.
Don’t misunderstand them to be alone,
For they have their parents walking along.

In their childhood,
They are loved for their cuteness and mischief.
When they grow older,
They repay their parents with a life of relief.

They are those,
who don’t distinguish themselves as you and me.
They are the ones,
Who define a FAMILY.

— The End —