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mussaratlyas Apr 27
I thought my eyes would burn.

Its been a month and more
Since I stepped outside.
Forgot what it feels like
To have the sky overhead.

Its been days
Since the rays of the sun
Poured into my room.
What with untimely rains
And sandstorms.

Today, as my room lit up
With the yellow bright sun.
I stepped into it.
And looked outside my window.

I thought my eyes would burn.
Compel me to shut them.

But instead, I joyously stared
Like they have been craving
For that bright heat.
The yellow light.
The clear sky.
When I told my dad what I thought would happen to my eyes, he chuckled.
LLillis Apr 23
Spring snow chills the mind,
Environmental measured
Social distancing.
Stay home! The weather certainly helps. Less folks out looking at the new blossoms, more room for nature to do her thing unimpeded.
Silver Apr 22
dreams in sight
why am i falling ? ,

every time i take a step i find
myself back in this room

white walled white washed
whites of my eyes,
half asleep in the
wake of what we could be doing.

daylight hours endless night.

stay apart if we
ever want to meet again.
stay safe wherever you are, stay put to protect yourself and others
Ambika Jois Apr 6
We wanted to be left alone,
Now we want company.
We nagged for personal space,
We want to be around many.

Were we made to bond,
Or were we made to detach?
This is the mystery of life,
From Adam and Eve to the latest batch.

We cursed that paradise was lost,
When Adam bit the apple.
How long it is taking us
To restore this planet, is a baffle.

We use up everything earth gives us.
We spare not a single resource.
And now look at us isolating,
Like forbidden prisoners behind trap doors.
Took a walk yesterday. The emptiness inspired me to express a few words into this poem. Do share your thoughts 🙏🏼
Qweyku Apr 5
Physical distance
can never undo
the physics of God

© Qwey.ku
Nothing can separate us from His love, not things present nor to come.
there is light at the end
But I am blinded before
I see darkness around
Shadows dragging me down

When will this end
How long to wait
Patience is dying breed
Time stops as I bleed
The floor is pristine white

The numbers are multiplying
The news is devastating
I am at my home
Trying to catch my breath

Neighbours are distant
Four feet away is miles apart
My phone rings on
This life is breath-taking
I am zoned out

The doors are locked
The empty streets and fridge
There is no more than eyes meet
The same music on repeat.

It is spreading like wildfire
Precious lives are in danger
Difficult times ahead
No one is prepared
Hoping to give a tough fight.
Mahima Bisht Mar 25
What happened to those eyes full of laughter
Passed on one generation after

Be ceased for all,
For not following something that had to be done afterall

So people its time to wake
do not put each others life at stake

Time to be aware
but don't to be scared

It is time to co-operate
as something cannot be any late

Practice hygiene
that essential lesson which was taught in tween !

Nobody is keen
to live in quarantine

But it has to be followed
to continue life which is mellow

As they say,a person one in a million
One with a queer attitude
Will help us avenge this feud

But what about the remaining billion
Can't they uproot this villain!

So the virus shall die
To complace all those cries

For that shouldn't go vain
As it all revolves around our brain

Whatever might be the fate
But remember it's never too late

However far we stay
But we want to accomplish the same

The thirst must be quenched
For once the Earth must be avenged TOGETHER...
ConnectHook Mar 25
Got to sleep in a old holler log
With my rifle, my pipe and my dog.
As you city-folk know,
She's a hard row to ***;
Dang Corona done slaughtered ma hog.
Hey there y’all.
Jest thought I would tell you what I been up to during this old LOCKDOWN by the dang federals and globalists and teknocrats. Due to Satan, China, and George Soros inflicting this scourge upon our beloved nation, I done had to stay hunkered down in muh cabin with muh fambly. CHINESE  Chest Cold all it is, and I don’t care what the One World Guvermint says, I AINT EATIN’ no BATS. **** ****** Chinese need JESUS I’ll tell you that. Now whar wuz I? Oh yeah:

We pretty much been prayin’ non-stop to the Lord, readin’ our Bibles and listenin’ to daddy Donald on the short-wave television. He shore is smart and we thank God Almighty for him AND his wife what’s-her-name. (She’s real pretty—for a Yuropean that is  . . .) And lucky for us he come up with a good plan to help us all overcome this great tribulation of the Last Days, amen. Presidint Trump is going to take that old W.H.O. down a peg or two. And all them thankless adversaries runnin’ their jaws a-complainin’ all day long kin go figger.  Anyway, we sit around a lot . . . muh wife bakes some cornpone . . . we fry a little bacon any old time. Muh kids play and squabble and ask to borry muh tablet (y’all know how it is) but I cain’t say it’s been easy. I have touched a drop (well perhaps a half jug) of corn likker, and although I am shamed to say, I have done beat muh dear wife somewhat (but never in front of the little ones and only when she sassed me).

Well, the good news from all these trials and tribulations is:
National Poetry Writing Month is comin’ along real SOON in April! You might not have thunk a ol’ deeplorable hillbilly like me would appreciate POETRY now would you? I hope the president can *** everthang on track for all of us soon and we kin all *** back to writin’ POEMS in the springtime.

And after the summer gits over we can drag our ol’ knuckles over to the votin’ station and cast our ballots, yes siree.

So that’s how it been here in Hickry Holler tryin’ (as the city slickers and federal agents like to call it) SOCIALLY DISTANCEing our pore selfs from everthang. I hope you folks is doin’ rightly and see you soon Lord willing.
I've never realised,
that I can laugh as hard
with my family,
just like I do with my friends.
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