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Dog Daze
by Michael R. Burch

Sweet Oz is a soulful snuggler;
he really is one of the best.
Sometimes in bed
he snuggles my head,
though mostly he plops on my chest.

I think Oz was made to love
from the first ray of light to the dark,
but his great love for me
is exceeded (oh gee!)
by his Truly Great Passion: to Bark.

Keywords/Tags: dog, soul, soulful, snuggle, snuggles, love, bark, barks, barking, passion
Amanda Oct 2018
Thoughts of you strike at all hours
Matching memories to mixed emotions
Handsome haunting face appears
Persistent flames burn me with devotion
Inspired inside by inviting eyes
Powerful enough to lock in a gaze
Makes me want to hide within your aura
In a place far from here, get lost in a gaze
Been living a fairytale
Loving through day, all through the night
Evident by how we remove each others clothes
Want you to be the only one who gets to hold me tight
If you are wrapped up next to me in sheets
I look forward to each play-filled day
I can honestly say I am happy with life
If it lasts only a short while that's still okay
Time spent with your hands on my hips
Worth any amount of pain to come
Feelings you rile  within my heart
I will treasure no matter the outcome
I will never forget how your hot breath felt
Tickling my pale exposed neck
Each murmur captured in my brain
Stored in an internal tape deck
Precious moments run around my head
Lips throbbing to touch once more
I will love you until the day I take my last breath
Til the second my still cold body hits the floor
I wrote this for my (ex) boyfriend's birthday not knowing we were going to break-up so soon. He turned 25 Oct 7th, and we may not be together but I still wanted to share because we are friends still. This one is just for you Taylor.
Lost Aug 2018
hiding in my blanketed sanctuary
I make myself small
balled up in the fetal position
clinging onto a pillow
that I hug close to me
sandwiched between my knees
my arms wrapped around it

I imagine the pillow animate
the weight and resistance of a torso
a person to put their arms around me too
when I need it

but my pillow does not obey my wishful thinking
and it is never replaced by a chest that rises and falls
it is only ever a padded rectangle
folded and scrunched and squeezed
in my desolate embrace

I scramble through my memories
sifting through the sensory details
grabbing ahold of the most recent recollection
of a night where I wasn’t alone
and wringing it out again and again
trying to squeeze out the final drops
of tactile sensation
the remaining morsels of comfort
derived from physical affections

I pick out the smallest details
and focus on reconstructing them
as vividly as possible—

the feeling of his soft, hot breath
kissing my neck and shoulder
whispers color back into my cheeks

I feel the steady rise and fall
of his slowed, sleepy breathing
and the rhythm of life
throbbing in his chest

his arm wrapped around me
draped across my waist and over my chest
the pressure and weight of his legs
tangled with mine
it feels like safety
and I know I need to cherish it
because I won’t have him for long

I turn around in his arms
to open my eyes and study him
I don’t want to forget his lips
or his long eyelashes
when he leaves

I stroke his cheek lightly
running my fingers through his beard
I want to cry
because I needed this so bad
and it will never last

but I put my sadness away
and save it for a lonelier night
when I won’t hear his quiet snore next to me

for when I am alone again
in my arctic tundra bed
frozen to my sheets
and stuck in the cold—

I want to exist suspended in this moment
these few hours our bodies melted together
and drown in the combined volume
of our collective contentment

I want to always remember you
so when I feel the ice in my core
chilling my bones at night
I have a time to remember
when I finally felt warm
She Writes Nov 2017
I place my head on your chest
Let the rise and fall lul me to sleep
Feel your warm breath
Send shivers down my neck

Our legs intertwined
Your hand lost in my hair
I listen to the music
Of your heartbeat

My dreams come
To whisk me away
But I know I’m safe
Snuggled in your arms
Free verse about snuggling :)
M Harris Apr 2017
Electric Dreams Of My Radioactive Ex,
Bio-Digital Jazz Tap Dancing Us Into ***,

Lucid Infatuations Infused In Whiskey,
Cupid Fairytales Conceiving Frisky,

A Perpetual Beauty Smoldered In Ecstatic Bliss,
Sublime Sins Between Her Rosy Lips With Velvet Kiss,

Romantic Burns Galvanized In Her ****** Desires,
Seductive Stardust Enchanting My Feisty Fires,

Encoded Serenity In Her Decoded Virginity,
Recoding Obscenities Of Her Fragrant Sexuality,

Hazel Echoes Raining Intimate Bouquets,
Rekindling, Her Drug That Fondles In Her Moaning Glaze,

Enraptured Catalysts Animating In Her Cuddles,
Euphoric Elations Climaxing Into Her Satin Snuggles.

-  02:17AM -
Sienna Luna Jan 2017
My heart is so warm right now

like a toasty marshmallow

all brown and melty

slumping to one side.

Part of me wants more

like a piercing light saber

my desire increases tenfold

three red shafts throbbing

extremely hard and ready to go

when my nostrils take in

your sweet scent. It's nice like

honey baked bread fresh

from the oven or soft like green litchen moss with warmth radiating while watching

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

(again) while cuddling you

letting your body heat fold over me so neat like someone cranked open

a portable blow torch and

started blowing my frozen heart wide open with orange flames

thawing it to room temperature.

Now a tiny piece of pink remains peeking shyly at you in the dark

precariously dangling its delicate

frailty like soft woven spider lace.

— The End —