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She Writes Jun 2018
Someday I’ll wake
And find you next to me
Until then I just have my dreams
And my poetry
K Balachandran May 2018
my eyes at sunset,
a warmth snuggle to my back;
orphaned mongrel’s love!
Mister J May 2018
Lying on this bed
With you sleeping in my arms
On a quiet dawn
Back to haikus
I just miss a great snuggle
I feel the happiest when someone lies still in my arms, since I feel so useful and protective.

What are your most blissful moments?
Let me know

Thanks for reading! :)

J Apr 2018
Little snuggle bug...
I know you want a 3000th hug -
But I’ve got this gosh **** work to do.
I swear that I’m not dissing you!

Little huggle bud...
This poem’s gonna be a dud.
I know you don’t mean to so distract
But my focus now is for sure cracked.

Little cuddle bun...
I give up - it seems you’ve won.
So nuzzle up and count those sheep
And let’s both drift off into sleep.
Quick write for day 24 as my plans to write do not fit the 5yo agenda tonight.
She Writes Mar 2018
Can we stay here
Just a minute more?
Hold my body close,
I’ve never felt like this before.

You made me feel safe,
Curled up in your arms.
Staring into those beautiful eyes,
Admiring your wit and charms.

All too soon it’s time,
We’re headed for the door.
Can’t we stay here,
Just a minute more?
Brittney T Feb 2018
Tiny paws thud over to a food dish.
Crunch crunch crunch
Half asleep, a grin spreads across my face.
Little chirps meet my ears
Before I feel the bed shift
Under the smallest amount of weight.
The pitch of her purr makes my heart reverberate.
I open my eyes as she climbs onto my chest
And rubs a furry little face against my neck.
The little ball of fluff settles in and
We fall asleep.
I rescued Kida in early December. She was a stray that would walk up on our porch. My dad was bringing groceries in and she strolled right in past our big dogs. That's when I fell in love. The first night she after she had been cleared by the vet to come in she crawled right into my bed and fell asleep with me.
Snehith Kumbla Jan 2018
the night ambled
into a snug corner

tiptoed round itself
in a quarter circle

sparked against its
own purring fur and

fell into a dreamless
pit, whiskers whispering

s a y o n a r a . . .
She Writes Nov 2017
I love the sound of your breathing
Perhaps it’s just the rhythm
That I find so soothing
Perhaps it’s just your presence

When I wake from a fright
And hear your breath
I can fall asleep without fight
You’re my safety blanket
She Writes Nov 2017
I place my head on your chest
Let the rise and fall lul me to sleep
Feel your warm breath
Send shivers down my neck

Our legs intertwined
Your hand lost in my hair
I listen to the music
Of your heartbeat

My dreams come
To whisk me away
But I know I’m safe
Snuggled in your arms
Free verse about snuggling :)
Richard Grahn May 2017
Snuggled together
In a nest full of feathers
Four wings and a nap

Little hearts they are beating
As these lovebirds lie sleeping
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