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svdgrl  Apr 2014
Morning Snuggle
svdgrl Apr 2014
Today, we woke again,
in our sheets and covers.
Our limbs were tangled
with utmost comfort in
Our usual, beautiful,
morning snuggle.
Sometimes, I fear
that I will be taken in our dreams,
and I won't wake to hear
your parted-lips-and-nose-rumbles.
But today, we woke again,
in each other's arms for warmth,
Our sleepy stares struggle,
to stay open in
Our usual, beautiful,
morning snuggle.
And I know
that this is exactly how
I'd like to wake again
in Our usual, beautiful,
morning snuggle.
Today makes six months with the love of my life. This is for him. :)
Somewhere in this world, I've heard that it's true,
That a creature exists, with huge eyes that are blue,
A small kind of creature, you'd mistake for a mouse,
A small kind of creature, with a small kind of house,
Now this creature is kind and so full of affection,
But the worlds big and scary, so it requires protection,
But fear not young Snuggle-Bug, you are destined to find,
Another such creature, that's also so kind,
A creature that's known, from the east to the west,
As the Snuggly-Buggly if you hadn't have guessed,
Now the Snuggly-Buggly is small but it's strong,
And it holds the Snuggle-Bug in it's arms which are long,
Now it keeps it warm and it keeps it secure,
It gives it some love, and it gives it some more,
If one makes a mistake, a hug's what they're given,
Because each of them knows, they'll always be forgiven,
Now remember this Snuggle-Bug, no matter what you do,
The Snuggly-Buggly will always love you.
My first attempt at a childrens poem, but it's also a love poem to my Snuggle-Bug :)
Austine May 2014
i just want to find myself staring
at the bedroom wall with nothing
but your chest as my cushion
revealing nothing but our affection

i won’t even be in sad thoughts way too deep
because you’ll be there as i try to sleep
in my dreams, i won’t even dare to roam
because on your chest is where i’m home

we’ll just lie there in peace
who knows, maybe we’d even kiss
i won’t care, really
because with you, i can be silly

at times, i’ll even take a chance
at you, i’ll steal a glance
i’ll trace the curves of my face
that’s reflected on your captivating gaze

i’ll touch your hair with my free hand
and adore each and every strand
truly there’s not a piece of you
that will ever fail to keep me anew

maybe - no, of course! - we’ll cuddle
oh, how we’ll enjoy the snuggle
then we’ll find ourselves on the floor
oh, darling, you’re the one i’ll endlessly fall for

i’ll listen to your charming snore
that solid sound, i’ll spend time to explore
i might even laugh as you audibly breathe in
you’ve no idea how happy i’ll be within

as i hear your breathing and mine
i’ll know everything will be just fine
we’ll create our own piece of beautiful melody
to the lonely past, it’ll be our remedy

for it’s all that i ever long
our own version of a happy song
just let me hold you once more
and i promise, i’ll never ask for more
The amateur poet Jan 2013
His hand on my shoulder
My head on his chest
The heartbeat in my ear
Racing along with his breath
Closing my eyes
Taking in his intoxicating scent
I could fall asleep here
While he caresses my neck
snuggle up together on a winters night
with a glass of wine by the firelight
looking out the window at the falling snow
tucked up nice and warm with logs a glow

then a little romance for night of bliss
hold each other tightly as you begin to kiss
such a lovely way to spend a winters night
snuggled up together by the firelight
Pagan Paul Dec 2018
S – Sit down with me
N – Nibble my neck
U – Undo my top button
G – Gently massage my chest
G – Glance at me longingly
L – Let your inhibitions go
E – Enjoy the moment.

© Pagan Paul (04/12/18)
To sleep is to recharge but my battery isn't dead
My brain powers on but my body cries for bed
Just one more thought, just hear me out
a memory or a wish
I want to sleep, I need to sleep, please let me sleep.

i'm tired, i'm angry, frustrated and sad
as the vulchers circle my head,
they're waiting for me to snuggle and curl
then they'll descend upon my bed
Please let me sleep, I need to sleep. I want to sleep
---  Oct 2013
6 Months
--- Oct 2013

Before we even started dating
I was very interested in you
I thought
"She's really unique
And cool
And into books
And smart

And cute."
Every move you made
The ease with which you made friends
And of course
How your nose was always in a book.
That interested me a lot
And I still love that
Even when I know
So much more about you.
My observations from outside.


I told you I was doing something
For our six months.
It's nothing spectacular
Nothing expensive
Just time
And my thoughts
My love
I hope to put it into these words which I
Preserve for you
Uniquely mine
For uniquely you
And you alone.


I just told you today
And you ask for my hint
It was in one of my other poems
You read it
But didn't catch it.
It would be obvious if you did see
What the hint is.
And no, these aren't all going to be
Like this
Just basically a diary
They will be better.


I like a lot about you love
I even listed some things off to you recently.
Would you like a list?

The cute faces you constantly make
The way you fall asleep in my arms
The way you make my heart skip when you lean on me
The way your mouth moves when we kiss
Your scent that hangs on my clothes after we hang out
The way you bury your face in my chest when falling asleep
The texture of you hair
The way your face lights up when you're truly happy
The way your cheeks are fun to play with
The perfect shape of your body
Your inability to be mad at me
Your anger at people being self-destructive
Your rambles on things that you feel passionate about
Your sheer uniqueness
Your amazing beauty
The way you feel embarassed when you blush
Your quiet whimpers when I whisper that I love you in your sleep
The way you always tell someone when you're annoyed
Your ability to easily make friends
Your addiction to reading
Your crazy music taste
Your refusal to tell me games you play
Your amazing poetry
Your unique way of dressing
Your uncanny ability to look beautiful and **** in anything

And yes, there's thousands more.
But that's enough for now.


You know
I think of you always
During class
During sports
During robotics
During my dreams.
You're so great
You just sneak into my mind
And take all control from me.
I'm stuck thinking about you for awhile.
Not that I really mind.


I've known you for awhile
And now you're fragile
You seemed strong
Never once wrong
And I'm glad I grew close to you
So that I can be here for you
When you need someone
And I always want to be that someone.


Of all days
I'm sick.
What I wouldn't give
To kiss you once
On the cheek
Or give you a hug
I want to tell you I love you in person
But I cannot
Not today
But I will.


Do you know
How crazy it makes me feel
To just think of you?


I am alone
With nothing but
My thoughts

Of you.


I look at the wall
The ceiling
Naked, but for some scratches
And I wish it was pictures of you
In plain sight
Wherever I look.


I know life is hitting you right now
Hitting you pretty hard
Being forced into therapy you don't want
Medicine that hurts your focus
And now it's ******* up your grades
Which in turn make your parents mad at you
And you seem to be despairing
And all I want to do
Is cheer you up
Make you smile
Forget your worries for just a little while.
I do what I can
But I don't think it's
But I will keep trying
Every time I talk to you
Text you
Hug you
I hope I can bring you a little closer
To that honest smile.


You said it's been bothering you
You say I don't have to stay with you
Because I feel obligated
Because of your mental state.
I'm glad you said it
Got it off your chest
But I would never stay because of pity
Because of guilt
I stay because of you.
The you-ness of you
You're just so startlingly amazing
Such a stark contrast to other interests I've had
And I love it.
And I love you.
I'm glad I could at least momentarily
Hopefully stop your worrying.


When I think of you
I imagine gazing into your eyes
As I have done so many times
Those infinite, piercing
Beautiful eyes.
Brilliant, shining, beautiful
Just like you.
So wonderful
I dream of watching your eyes fall asleep
And waking to the very same pair
Happy and alive
Yet so real
Your beauty
And your realness.
I love you
I could say it a thousand timees
And mean it more every


It hurts me so much
To see you in pain
To know you're hurting.

You're trying to be more
You say
Sure, be independant
But I want you to run to me
Cry on my shoulder
Because you aren't alone
And I don't want you to prepare for
A time when you could be alone.
Because I plan on staying within reach.


You lately have seemed
Afraid that I am staying with you for some
That I may feel.
Well, let me tell you
That is so wrong.
I feel bad for you
But that is different.
Because I could never date you through pity
I would feel like I was
Taking advantage of you
So don't worry.


I love you so
I can not describe it
The feeling
The exhilaration
From catching a glimpse of you in the hallway
I just feel the need to smile.


Have I ever told you
That everytime you hug me from behind
I just feel uncontrollably joyful?
And when you refuse to let go
I find it cute
And I just want to stay like that


A dream we both have
I want so very badly
To fall asleep holding you close
Singing to you the lullaby of my beating heart
Listening to your breath slow and relax
The perfect weight of your body against my own
And for you to be the last thing I see before I close my eyes
And the first thing I see when awakened
To make fun of your bedhead as the day's first light
Illuminates the room gently
To tell you how I love you
Before you can think anything else
Now only a dream
Someday it will happen.


I wannt to forever hold you
To hide away where nobody can find us
No schedules to disturb us
No cold to riddle our skin with
No agony tearing at our hearts
No painful reminders of the past
As the days blur into weeks
Into months
To hold you forever
In solitude.


Why, love, are you so worried as of late
That you have changed?
I love every version of you
And I'm continually amazed at your ability
To cope
To prevail
But you are not strong enough alone my love.


I have a feeling
That we will last
Overcome the odds
For a relationship that will endure
Past school
Past our new experiences
Past our differences
And bring us ever closer
More in love
As I feel myself falling for you more everyday


I never feel quite as amazing
As when I have you laying on my chest
Relaxed and falling asleep
With a blanket
A movie
No upcoming deadlines
Nothing else matters
Just the warmth of you relaxing on me
And my feeling of content.


I love that we can discuss
Our different
Yet similar
Yours as yet unnamed
Mine becoming again pure
And we can grow from this
And we become stronger.
And if we disagree about something
We can have a discussion about it
Though I keep my mouth shut
If I have the potential to start an argument
And we stay civil

24. LIST

One of your guesses as to
What I was doing when I hinted about this
A list.
Alright, you inspired me.
Words to describe you.
­And lastly for now


Having you in my life is
I worry so much
About your well being.
I wish I could be your knight in shining armor
But I just
Society doesn't leave room for heroes.
It only attempts to create villains.
But you and I
We can resist it
Because society ***** anyway
And we're invincible.


When I fall asleep
The last thing on my mind is you.
And it's not just a thought that pops in then.
It starts when I am drowsy
And on the edge of sleep.
I imagine you snuggling close
Burying your face in my chest
Inhaling deeply and


I am glad that you can
Be relaxed enough around me
To fall asleep randomly.
And I love how, even in your sleep, you
Snuggle close
Twitch your hand three times
And whimper whenever I whisper into your ear
"I love you"


I love being with you
I love holding you close
Your breathe in my ears
The pounding of your heart
Speeding up when we kiss
Your happy sighs
Pulling me closer
Warming me in this new coming chill.

29.  HEAT

You are warm
You are hot
You keep the chill away
Heck, we could be in the snow without any significant
Warm clothing
And as long as I could hold you close
I could remain there forever.


You are my perfect love
The one for me
The two of us
Can do anything
Beat any odds stacked against us.
Overcome any hardship.
Just wait until we can escape to our life
We can win this race love
Destroy anyone who seeks to foil us
Or just ignore them
They aren't worth our notice
If they try to bring us down.


I look into your eyes today
And they are beautiful
As they always have been
I can lose myself in your eyes
The sight behind them
The intelligence
And so much more.
You're startlingly great
And I can't help but want to be around you.
Lady Bird Apr 2017
Every night you squeeze your pillow that comfort your sad thoughts
Every night your pillow hears your prayers
Inbetween Your flashbacks of the past
While whispering under the sheets
secrets told your pillow will keep
Every night you snuggle your pillow for security
Your pilliow is there to help ease the pain
A cushion to soften the strain
And collect your fallen tears
You will get through it
I know you will
sleep on it and think things through
Your pilliow can help you..
Anthony Williams Jul 2014
Somehow your heart enzymes inveigled a way into my system
I surmise it was your energising tongue which smuggled them in
my pseudoanaphylactic longing to snuggle in vein against your protein
its aim a happy interaction tugged by frenzied polypeptide chains

when your petite triglycerides coil avidly around my pH changes
hydrolysis replenishes steroids to stop any pleasure level plunge
so that functional-group transfers may intervene at all active sites
supervising where coenzymes await love's coursing stem cell sights

that photosynthesise my eyes to sensitise to you despite the dark
dancing in all my living cells with infectious smiles an epidemic
when your DNA can't polymerase enough of the audacious lipids
pleasing as they kiss the density away of fatty acids on soft lips

that release protease inhibitors in ways not too selective
so our hearts find their metabolic pathway audaciously live
and offer themselves completely to a frolic in love reactive
by Anthony Williams
Enzymes are protein catalysts that, like all catalysts, speed up the rate of a chemical reaction without being used up in the process.

— The End —