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the acorns tumble, the dried leaves slip slowly sideways,
each a slow motion death, almost balletic, or acrobatic,
the decedents, like bodies on the Field of Hastings, their
skeletons to be consumed by a history ******* earthy soil

this more than any thing, as much as covid deaths of known
older brothers more than the messages on the answering
machine from robotic nurses and truly concerned doctors,
impatiently waiting to discuss test results with still alive patients

four lines in each stanza was unplanned like sets of decades,
that the man’s life can be retrospectively be divisibly assayed,
each titled, consistent of games and sets, until the last match
not on center court, is finale tie-broken, the faults too numerous

he writes this unshaken, but stirred, for the hours spent observing,
of each trajectory of every fallen leaf is distinctly connected to losses,
oh! how the losses multiplied; loves, children, unspoken words of
affection and forgiveness, mounted, moats, barriers to fulfillment,

a lawn of dead shriveled things, mounting, dear mother of god, all

préludes that hasten(ed) the shedding of lives every August!
din le lo May 2020
I met a woman who I felt was more important than all the women I had met before her.

Letting go of my previous life was the only way I could ensure I had the longest time on earth with her.
Laokos Apr 2020
she's in my mind
only, ever
in my mind.  i am
a beast drinking blood
in cold shadows.  she's on the stairs towards the gods with gold-flake mirrors on fire.
i can't be soothed by their plasma flesh pixels anymore.
i can't be soothed by their carbon copies.
i will soon be below their real for good.
in need no more of the soft same semblance displayed on the shelves.
i swim in deep pools collecting aloneness on high. the
romantic disaster laughter is muted. these days i can't
help but feel, every now and then,
that death
a great kindness
in disguise,          but

not in the
way you
ButterPecan Oct 2018
Did you notice as you were packing
I was too
Packing up things to give away
Shedding what we don’t need
Emptying the nest
And now the house is a mess
There are boxes all around
Books off their shelves
Things out of place
It’s not going to get better unless I take a stab
At cleaning
Because the house is just a mess
Without you
Janna Aug 2018
I feel like a snake

Shedding its old skin

Shaking and snaking

Out of the old

And remaking and refreshing

What is new

What is to come

What it can transform into

Shiny, new, smooth

No longer hanging on to the old

Not safe keeping it

Simply shedding it

Leaving it behind

I’m snaking away into

A new place

I have not forgotten the old

I’ve just simply grown new skin

Tougher and sharper

Better than before

I remember the old

Like it was just yesterday

And older still

Are the ones before

I’ve left them in various places

In remembrance

Of the good times

And the bad

All to learn

Something new

To grow into my new skin.

- soulwriterj
birth comes slowly
with slow peeling of caterpillar skin
tough and thick
butterfly waits beneath
with iridescent wings
ready for the get-away
this death *****
but it has to happen
In my experience death of the old behaviors, beliefs, habits etc has had to happen for my own evolution. Shedding the past to make way for the new seems likea continual cycle.
Roberta Day Dec 2015
Nothing really to whine about this time
Throwing out your past does wonders for the mind
Almost done dwelling on what doesn’t need to be
Organized stacks of fantasies...clutter free
Premonitions poured from the heart of me
I couldn’t comprehend love til now
Been meaning to burn old written words
and release their content away
The day has come that all of me will allow
the desecration of the unrequited days
dragged too far along in life
because the idea still remained
Stopped loitering on too many side-thoughts
Got caught up with the right train
Been warmer in the cold this time around
These days, I don’t mind rain
Fah Jun 2014
Like continents moving the skin off from over me , slowly..
deliberately           with great force on the rest of my being ,
each aspect of myself emerges anew
from the cocoon like first layer of childhood ,

i see myself spiral from the snakeskin left on the floor

a forge is in it’s place

of molten liquid energy running along my meridians.
Serenading every judgement of another character with love shine ,
fresh from the gardens of mine
       that bathe
by the sea air
in my root chakra layer... mingles ,
with the heart echo arrow
i send it with.  

Known; that the judgements of others are a side product of judgement of self.
Be it , through the eyes of a hopeful parent or a tired teacher , a pig or a nit.... an angel or specter himself -
None equal as true, to the eyes i see through
on the matter my being is composed of.

Integrating stillness in my vivacious bones , conscious movements flow , stabilizing the unknown into the known , materializing the un-materialized subconscious realm.

Moving through visible reality shifts and mind rifts , exploring

the astral world around me
whilst moving through physical boundaries of borders
Developing organs in my subtle body .

Manifesting my foundations for stamina.
What a joy it is to live from the heart.
Logan Humphreys May 2014
I watch as I always do,
you, running your brush
routinely through your hair.
"you're gonna hate me when I leave.."
Loose hairs falling to the floor..

You laugh, as you always do
I feel your smile against my lips..
"you're gonna hate me when I leave.."
she pulls loose hair from between our mouths.

I watch, as I hate to,
you sitting cross-legged, packing your suitcase.
"****, another're gonna hate me when I leave"
A single loose hair falls;
and disappears, like she did.

Loose hair on a pillow that was hers
and I hate that she left.

— The End —