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din le lo Jun 5
Rain gently knocks on my window
The door is shut
Silence finds a way to sneak in

Blankets warm my body
Mind overflowing with thoughts racing at 100 miles per hour
Rain again

My pencils breath timed perfectly to the trains persistent horn
Chest caving in and filling it’s lungs

I believe I long for love
Pulled back as I try and run
Eyes peeking through my soul
I try to run
Ease on by
It won’t last forever

I believe I won’t find love anymore
My thoughts aggravating
Irrational beliefs

I believe I will find love
Through the painful connections

One day I hope for love
Hopefully I’ll get my wish
din le lo Jun 1
Why was he so trusting of his intuition?

In an ever changing world of gold, glamour, greed and girls
He leads me further astray

At times I struggle to fight back
On nights where my mind is clouded by the night cap

Finger waves under your hat point to the picture on your night stand—“I like that”

Knight standing guard of my queen
Pardon the interruption while I intervene in your dreams and navigate to king

Hand in hand on shared alter
Of our worlds colliding like the memories of the last conversations with my father

Together we prosper
In a better life
Entice in our passion
din le lo May 31
Words in your curves
Soft as rhythm and blues
Langston Hughes piano keys and sultry jazz
Neo-soul gold
din le lo May 30
Today I speak with heavy heart
Red as the crimson drips after picking up pieces of shattered glass
I sat for an hour or so on my kitchen floor a broken soul
Have I failed you? Because I know I failed myself
What else is there to do after a war torn path leaves nothing but dust and ash?
I am on all fours in grief
Numbness to the pain has worn off
I am open
But am I free?
I hope I can repair these damages
I want my future to be free
But for now all I can do is pray for air
din le lo May 29
I woke up numb on a Saturday
Publishers metaphor seeping through the cracks
Don’t let go of my crawling skin

Longing for that message that never comes
And finally we’re back again
Take control now

Earn my love
Earn my soul
din le lo May 27
Why can’t I shake you?
Why can’t I let you go?
“Is this scale accurate?”
Perplexed I let it go
But not you
Not Chicago
So natural warning me before I entered
Assuring me before nightfall
Are you trapped inside of me forever?
5 am on a Wednesday
You come to me as I stare past save the dates
din le lo May 26
The protagonist of my dreams—ride of my life
Valley peaks in the distance
Metaphors speak what our bodies cannot
We wonder why I’m back to my old ways
...Why violet vibrations take heed
If only
If only
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