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Steve Page Dec 2019
My three gold wedding rings sink deeper
into my 30-years-on skin.

I've seen the youtube tricks
for removing them with wrapped floss,

but I think I'd rather sever
each of them at the final decree,

otherwise I'll need to dispose
of three perfectly good gold rings.

And that seems a waste.
Between Nici and Absolute decrees.
Sasa Milivojev Oct 2019
To overcome, relinquish
and forget,
black – hearted eyes, as well as innocent,
feigned words of solace
and bitter embrace.
To forget the joys, affections and desires,
hardship and bliss,
friends and enemies,
smiles and tears and prayers.
To be insincere.
To write no more verses.
To trust not a soul.
To understand no one and naught.
To forgive not.
To pass a verdict ‘pon oneself of
remoteness and taciturnity.
And soar towards the glistening
of Cosmic dark infinity.

Saša Milivojev

Translated by Ljubica Yentl Tinska
Atomika Apr 2019
How does it feel to be stabbed
Not in the back, but in the chest
Just to make those wretched feelings rest
Stubborness is what caused your mess

You, holder of the sin of lust
Not because of dark conjugation
But wanting for deep and trusted affection
Perish in your despair of wanting it as a must

As your persistence deepens and continue through
The severance of bonds continue, you harvest what you sow
It's your fault anyway, weep down in sorrow
Best leave it be for a better tomorrow

You, the one pursued by this person
Has your thoughts of him worsen
Has his determination, became his execution
Then, admit with volition and deliver him condemnation
Shrivastva MK Oct 2015
Meri zindagi aaj udas hai,
Ye Khushi ke pal bhi mujhse nirash hai,
Tut jate hain wo har sapne,
Jab tutata kisi ka vishwas hai,
Jab tutata kisi ka vishwas hai....

wo khile Phul aaj murjha gye hain tujhe yaad kar,
Kyon ojhal ** gye ** tum in aankhon me aansoo bhar,
Sisak-sisak ke puchh raha hai ye dil mera,
Kyon juda ** gye wo meri hansi bankar,
Meri hansi bankar...

Us andheri raat ko bhi teri raushani ka intejar hai,
Tujhe dekhne ke liye mera dil bhi beqarar hai,
Na chhup jana un ghane badalon me,
Ye sochkar ki meri muskurahat kisi ke liye khash hai,
Kisi ke liye khash hai...

Ban jaoo teri aansoo
teri aankhon me hi mera wash **,
Khushi ** ya ** gam,
Har waqt har pal tujhe mera saath **,
Es pal ko bhi us pal ki lagi aas hai,
Meri zindagi aaj udas hai,
meri zindagi aaj udas hai..
Shrivastva MK May 2015
Kaun si mujhse khata ** *** ,
Bata do sanam
kyon mujhse khafa ** ***,
Maine to dil me basaya tujhe bhagwan ki
Batado sanam
kyon mujhse juda ** ***,

Pyar to samundar hain ,
kaha dhundu tujhe,
Nazane kab aur kis mor par milogi mujhe ,
Mere aankhon me aansoo dekar,
Mere dil ko ek saza de ***,
Batado sanam
mujhse kyon juda ** ***,

Teri muskurahat meri dil ki khushi thi,
teri aansoo mere dil ka dard,
ab to teri yaadein meri dard ki dwa ban ***,
Batado sanam
mujhse kyon juda ** ***,

mere har ek baaton me bas tum hi tum,
mere khayalon me bhi bas tum hi tum ,
Najane kyon meri zindagi mujhse etni dur
chali ***,
batado sanam
mujhse kyon juda ** ***,
mujhse kyon juda ** ***. ..?
A Watoot Apr 2015
Stop telling me to wait
Because I won't anymore.
Stop telling me you'll come*
Because I know you won't.

You are a liar.

Heck.  I like to be alone.
What good could you do?

I've been as cold as ice;
As hard as rock but
I showed my softness
For the sake of friendship.

I am still me.

This friendship is over
I am officially severing ties with people who are toxic.  I now see you only as objects.  Thank you very much for the things you've done.  I'm now turning my back to you like you've always done to me.
wave Jan 2015
What am I
if not a longing soul

Knowing where there's
life, fire, worship, lust
and I may not have any of

You see,
I am in
what all too few know
but many should learn,
that which is called
a brain reboot

It means
the grestest joy of the world
simply can't be had
by me for a spell

"It's Ok,"
I tell mysrlf.
"Your time shall come"
and then I realize
already did
Used to be the life of the party

— The End —