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Atomika Apr 13
As the moon shines through the summer hue
Maybe it's time to forget about you
The breeze may burn through my thoughts
The moment of truth has been finally sought

The happy moments of our time has ended
Even if I do my best, it won't be mended
The reason is out and the jury is clear
I am out of your life and I must steer.

You'll be happy by another person's side
And with the rules of the universe, I abide
As our melody and beat has ceased
As my love and dedication must desist

Time for me to cut our ties
Even if it's sad, I must lie
Lie to myself, lie to my belief
I couldn't maintain the promise I keep.

Will the sky turn blue for you
Can I say the same thing about me too
I don't know, as the moon shines through my face
With words been said, it's time to close the case
You'll be happy with him, as I will be happy for you.
As the moon shines through the summer hue.
The time to say farewell to the young free rose
Atomika Apr 4
How does it feel to be stabbed
Not in the back, but in the chest
Just to make those wretched feelings rest
Stubborness is what caused your mess

You, holder of the sin of lust
Not because of dark conjugation
But wanting for deep and trusted affection
Perish in your despair of wanting it as a must

As your persistence deepens and continue through
The severance of bonds continue, you harvest what you sow
It's your fault anyway, weep down in sorrow
Best leave it be for a better tomorrow

You, the one pursued by this person
Has your thoughts of him worsen
Has his determination, became his execution
Then, admit with volition and deliver him condemnation
Atomika Apr 4
The whispers of the wind grane me insight
The direction shifts which gives me fright
The silhouette of a man which favors delight
The horizon which gives way to the night

I traveled the path which gave me more fears
I'll gather my will right now, no more tears
Come what may, here I go, shifting my gears
No more hesitations, no worries, I steer

As the resolve I built up manifests
Chains of my despair shackles me nonetheless
I struggled, I persevered, I plan for the conquest
But the demons are fighting, they want me to be bested.

As long as the whispers of the wind flow in my direction
I'll carry onward, forward, going in my destination
I'll wrest these chains, my heart fueled with motivation
All my wishes will come to fruition because of my determination.
Atomika Mar 31
A young rose seeks wisdom that is always untapped
Not because it's locked, but it's not on a map
But with someone who looks into deepest paths
Lies a beauty to behold, uncalculated by math

She peers into things with curiosity
She sees people without animosity
She smiles with glee, her heart always free
She gazes to discover what others cannot see

Her heart is reserved without expectation
Her friendship is open without reservation
Just don't break her heart with your motivation
Or you'll see something unbeknownst of your rumination

As someone who met her just recently as it seems
There's more to her than the ideas that she keeps
So peer into her and you will see
A young rose of beauty that captivated me.
This one is a challenge for me by the person that I describe in this poem. She was so happy about it that she shared it. I am so happy since she loved it <3
Atomika Jan 27
Spectrum of possibilities come into my sense
The sky widens and something changed
As if some catalyst came and commenced
An opportunity to broaden one's range

I peek through the window as if a bewildered fool
A chance of redemption as I used such a tool
The passing-by of something spectacular couldn't be missed
As the sun's rays  dim and it together with the Earth, kissed.

I could have dreamt of much more
I could have walked further than the door
But fear crept in and I hesitate
Taking my time to let the colors gravitate

But dusk has already arrived and it's time for my slumber
I did what I can, I did what I could muster
The moon shines bright and I bid adieu
For I am Indigo that shone my love for you
I tried mixing it some metaphors with my common writing style. I think it went well, but I want to gather everyone's opinion in this one. I am back due to finishing DDLC Purist Mod, again, that game just kept me going with more poetry..
Atomika Sep 2018
Today I got a heartache, it wasn't so bad
I told her my feelings but she just look back
It ain't even that hurtful, it ain't even sad
I just got to work out some things that I lack

Today I got a heartache, twice I think too.
Crushes aren't my strong spot. But I know what they meant
When they said no, I smirked and just say thank you
For their honesty and for my further development

Today I got a heartache, it stings now I know
I was hurting a lot and in progress, I reap what I sow
Doubts start to drown and I begin to fall
Should I keep on going or should I just stall.

Today I got a heartache, it was subtle and clean
But the girl is not bad, she was not mean
She said I am sorry and things will be just fine
I don't know if that's true. down the line

My head suddenly fell down, and I start to frown
How can I turn this around, I know that I should not be a clown

Today I got a heartache, a devastating one for sure
I was really rooting for myself, I got myself to endure
All those efforts and all those what I make
But she suddenly have someone now, and that I can't take

Today I got a heartache, it seems so repeating
When I try to change myself, I just keep on believing
But again it fell flat and all went bad
Will this continue while I am being sad?

Today I got a heartache, it's dreary and frustrating
I should get over it, I should just say it's okay
But the feeling is gone and I am in dismay
From staking everything, now I feel nothing

Today... I got a heartache, and I broke my own promise
It seems it always happens, like a cycle that keeps repeating
The feeling of affection I long, and that is now I miss
Please help me remember what is love and what should I believe in

But the cycle continues until someone saves me
Yup, this is just normal for me. I always get heartaches for the ******* I am.
Atomika Sep 2018
The winter has come and the trees has gone cold
Times have slept and to traverse the land is bold
But when hope is gone and all troubles unfold
I look inside and smile, as I have been told

Hope is like fire that forever burns

So even if I walk alone in this treacherous path
I keep my head held high and continue the journey
Since deep inside me, I still have something burning
Embers of an old memory of days that have gone past

This ember reminds me of a peace once lost, but still ties my thoughts
This ember reminds me of a love long gone, but soon might return
This ember reminds me of a future I can hold, one I can believe in
This ember reminds me of happiness that I need to recall before it's too late

This little flame warms me up for the journey ahead of me
I reassure myself that everything will be fine
In the dark shadow of the valley, I don't know what's ahead
But I steel my resolve and continue; the ember smiles

The ember is my strength, the ember is my resolve
Without it, I may be an empty husk, without it I am not true
So I nurture my ember and keep it safe until it grows
Back to the great flame it was once stood

The ember reminds me of those who care and you.

Can you promise me one thing though?
As my foundation and strength, can you rely on me too?
So I know that my worth is known by someone that regards me high
Once you do, and I see it through, I can grow wings and together we can fly.

The winter will pass and the sun will shine
Together we shall cherish this memory of mine
That once an ember now grows back to flame
If you're still there, I know I can thank you by name.
Ramblings of some sort. But these are my true feelings
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