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Poetic T Feb 2016
The elusive necessity was plaguing his waking
Thoughts so long had it been numbed beyond
Reproach but like a scratch it had haemorrhaged
In his latent thoughts and then like a dove,
Bludgeoned, choked white turned crimson.

He had made them into fractured images, abstract
Monuments to his mind diluted thoughts of beauty.
But he needed to mould form once again. Those of
No addresses were his trail and error his fingers were
A master piece of arcane excellence, creation was to bleed.

He used a diamond headed drill thinnest you can get,
With that inclination he descended in to their thoughts
Targeting the synaptic transmission centres of where
Pain metaphorically existed. Like trimming roses he did
The same with the spine, peace of mind and body as one.

His perfection of his profession  had released his ominous
Side that  was now at play the ones that tendered his first
Tries were brain dead from the trial and error of his drill.
Then their was the unfortunate vein nicked her and there,
Some bled internal while others like waterfalls it descended.

No one ever discovered his human errors, all were ash
Cinders filled his  crematorium of hellish demise. For those
Now gone no pain just silence shards of bone all that's
Left is memories in wisps of fading smoke. That was the
Past now all that exists is his first of many creations.

The insertions were made bone muscles removed slowly
Like an artist his scalpel glides effortlessly it creates his
Vision of the beauty of the desires, depictions of what
He see's within them and creates it with flesh and bone.

"You are my creations of will and my perfections of canvass,
"I name you the Cheshire breed, look upon your grandeur,

They blink saying nothing but smile from ear to ear their lips
Gorged, plump, but all that whispers on their features are
Tears rolling down on their stapled smiles. He always liked
Pairs an image reflected in both their views of his twisted
Perfection and then released them on the watching world.

He felt like Noah leading them into salvation two by two, they
Were insignificant before but now they were a tapestry of flesh
Reinvented upon imagery of their own makings. Waiting for
His beauty to be eyed by the masses. As his new edition to this
Collection was now being created in the depths of his operations,
He stroked there hair never knowing what he had done to them.

Outrage monster they called him, he was an artist of unparalleled
Sophistication, in time they would admire his work. And so he
Readied the new forms, the radius also ulna and all ossa bones
Were removed. And so was birthed the clingers, huger's of
Self loathing. Neatly knitted they adhered to their ****** silhouette.

I release you beautiful creations of my inner most yearnings.
They couldn't scream a voice box severed, only tears descended
Upon themselves. Hooded they heard only a voice, it would
Linger for what life they deemed worthy to live. Screams were
Collected upon their sights at what was observed in dismay.
He expelled joy seeing his work displayed to  the masses via TV.

"My art of the flesh is descended to those lowly souls.
"All can now envisage my creative genius unbound,

"Now the final form can take place, the puppets will fall,

He had planned this endeavour for so long, no one was any the wiser
As he had planned this over years. So many had he seeded,
Only thought of missing time that they had for unknown reasons
Past out. But that was then and this is now, each was injected
With a cylinder only millimetres across but when a frequency
Released, then they would be like puppets without strings, they fall.

He would release his puppets upon the world, he released a
Message to the media that his puppets would fall down that
They would all lie in silence.  He told them of his art forms become
Flesh and this was verification of what he claimed. weeks had
Past and no words were heard, but then a video surfaced that
Would tell of his needing to create and that they would all fall.

"News at 6 the homicidal artist, has now released this video,

"Hello my puppets so many have a stringed along.
"Not knowing that you were mine all this time,

"I am an artist of the flesh, I must admit a spilt much,
"But they are but ash for artwork that fails isn't worth keeping,

"But to what is important my public, my new piece of creation,
"This has been a long time in the making patience is a virtue,

"Have you ever felt an itch, that cant be reasoned with,
"That itch is me beneath your skin, that's me,

"Now for the finally, this is going to be something people,

"I now cut the strings of life, you puppets of life no longer,


Then all went silent in the news room, and then where shock
Feel panic arose. He just stopped mid sentence, then news came
In that the video had a submerged signal buried within its layers.
So many fell, their strings were cut in moments. But that wasn't
The worse for months people just died they tried to delete it.
But once on the web its always their to be looked upon.

"Curiosity was a killer, I dare you to watch,

They tried in vain, but he was a shadow in a thought, an urban
Legend of reality. So many surgeons were questioned. But self
Taught was their theory, how many had he killed before perfecting
His master pieces of flesh. their were a few copy cats but his were
The real deal. Two are still alive today he didn't implant them
His creations had to live. the others deemed life unliveable, sorry.

His last words would hang around the country if not the world
For a long time to come, he has never or she has never be found.

*"We are a tapestry of creation, let life be your art. For we must
Bleed to feel alive for without doing this how do we know were
Even existing or for that matter alive,
my latest serial killer a slight epic but the words did bleed forth
Poetic T Jan 2016
Its that time once a year when hearts
Beating upon words of love. But thoughts
Were thinking of the latter how to make
To cease with but a gesture a whim.
A heart did whisper on the chest but
Never did it utter the word  that spelt
It wasn't in my being I was a void shell.
But other were teaming with it like a flower
They sent the scent of bitter aroma into the air.

And it made my eyes bleed tears. So I thought
Of culling these tears falling on this day. I held
Them couples no singles were aloud in here.

I drew a heart on their chest, A+ in creative design
Cant let all those hours go to waste.

.. lovel |OOOOO|velove…|OOOOO|.

That word was scribbled till it lost ist meaning in
Mumbled scribbles, I even put OO,s in the shape
Of two eyes and a smile. I know immature, so **** me.

They were scared I could see it in their eyes, I never
Pick those of no vows, they must be saturated in the
Meaning so bands of eternity are a must.
Worthless to me but in a jar they sit gathering dust,

"I have been at this a while,
"Since the age of??  "10,
"My mum and dad were my first,
"Never showed me love the opposite trust me,

I separate them ever so slightly so their finger tips
Can reach out, its kind of teasing while out cold I
Measure the distance and move accordingly its a must.

Wake up rise and shine, they gauge their surroundings
Then the muffled screams,

"Jesus you could write a book on the reactions of this,
"I have it will be I have self published on amadon,
"Still waiting for the proof reading to come back,

They see each other than the finger reaching begins,
Clinical to the moment then the muffled threats.
They look down and see the picture on their chests.

"Love you tender, love you sweet,
"Its that time of year when feelings cut into me,
"Say hello to my little friend, he helps cut it out,

I always liked singing that little piece, then the screams
So coordinated. Its like a script of a movie,  a B movie
Hahaha... "Sorry that was a bit uncalled for, hehehe...

Now who's going first? its always manners to ask this not to
Just cut and run. They look bewildered in confused thought,
But as manners dictate ladies first, and then with out further adieu.

The breast is such a pain but after trial and error mostly error.
What a mess the first few times, but now its almost surgical.
To the hilt the knife slices across picture then silence.

He squirms like a rabid animal, but I silence him with a gesture.
Now two hearts that yearned each other, now silently static.
I stare at them, and gentle slice the picture from their being.

This room it has one chair, white and bold. On the wall sits
Frames of all the love that ceased, their heart ache lives
On hanging with pride in white frames upon my wall.
Poetic T Jan 2016
Cheerful glee at what was persuaded with marshmallow
Eyes plucked upon a branch and then roasted with what
Could be seen, as shock set in shaking like a piñata

Hot sauce marinated and then these emerald whites toasted
Just right, Chewing on the gate way to their inner self. I always
Found them chewy like calamari, I wonder if they see it all.

Taking fingers on their throat, I check for a pulse, then I jump
A mile in another's shoes as there hand clenching on mine.

"Help me,
                             "I heard them leave?

Cheerful thoughts persist on a serrated edge, like a donkey
Chasing a stringed carrot I heed their words,

"Who did this to you,
                                       "Are they still near,
                                                         ­                "I'll get help wait here,

Running in to the woods circling around I skip In jestful glee,
I  walk back and scream in terrified murmurs.
"No please I wont tell I promis......,

Screams echo like rainbows through the trees, but no one
Will hear them, no *** of gold at the end of this echo, maybe
Pie, this work is hungry. Cherrie I eat as I watch them squirm.

I see the milk of life ebbing out of them feeding the earth like
Crimson cornflower it coagulates. I have a primordial urge
To taste upon the hunt, I have tasted before, succulent like chicken.

But I look around such beauty chestnut trees remind me of youth
So much has changed but stayed the same. I look at what is passed
And like the past all things end, whispering in ears hushed thoughts.

"Nothing personal its just that time of the month,
"I need to do this I don't know you, but I needed your eyes,
"You see i don't, but with each one i consume i see a little more,
"You will not gaze again but i will thanks to the feed,

I hate seeing this part as i lift a branch and close
The other gate way, not much force is needed just
A sturdy branch.

They gyrate for a moment then silence and I see my misgivings
But they gave me their gift now i see and next time I will use
A little less hot sauce as my sight burns a little to much.

Well see you all again and thankyou for looking through
My eyes did you like what you saw what was seen.
Poetic T Dec 2015
Katie spoke,

"Hi sorry about that"

Don't worry you were only dead for  
Wait for it,"3 minutes 15 seconds,
Well it was good to see this worked,
She smiled and walked off,
But then paused.

"Did you see anything while there??

"I saw only memories of my past,

Kate spoke with tone,

"Do you believe in second chances"

Tears cradling on the cold metal below
As she sliced silently upon his throat
I know one will have what I need,
Answers to my question?
I will show those that pass and come back.
I have the power of
Is that which I yearn to know, what happened,
What I saw when I let everything  go.
But they took me, now I live again.
I must find the truth,
They will speak the authenticity I seek.

Days past as screaming echoes cling to  the halls
Of this place. Only the wind can carry these
Echoes never heard, just a reproduction
That has fallen silent so many times.

Moments past, looking as the prior acts are replayed in
The temptation that this time will bear fruit
Even though poisoned. A sliver of hollow
life is ****** upon a breast of silent stillness.

"Come on,
"Why cant  they not grasp the importance,

Breath came back to the empty shell, life ebbed
Slowly back as if fearful of what awaited its rebirth.
Looking on with impatience,
The walls were uninviting for first sight as life
Awoke and eyes focused on her.

"Hi I'm Katie,

She smiled as if nothing wrong had been done,
As if a first meet and greet, a tear fell silent.

"Well I thought for a moment you weren't bothered,
"You know about living,
"What was it you....

"Why did you do that,

"Do what,

"You killed me,
"Why bother bringing me back,

No one had spoken to her in that tone before?

"Fine then you ungrateful........,

And the heart defibrillator to the left of her,
She ****** it on her chest


Katie waited a few minutes, then decided
To once again stab her again,
Moments past, coughing, choking on
Restored life. Convulsing then silence

"For gods sakes, I am losing my patience with you,

As she felt her throat, thumb and finger pressing down,
She could feel a pulse, this was a first to have killed one.
To have brought them back not once but twice.
She thought carefully and decided to let her rest.

"Rise and shine darling,
"Now we have shown who is in control,

Don't worry you were only dead for  
Wait for it,"2 minutes 32 seconds,
Well it was good to see this worked,
She had never brought some one back twice.

"I have a question,

"My chest hurts,
"What did you do,

" I stabbed you twice, don't look so shocked,
"It brought you back didn't I,

Silence was caught unaware as neither did
Speak, just uncomfortable  looks.
She tried to get up,
But both her arms and legs both shackled.
Katie regained her composure.

"Did you see anything?

"What kind of question is that,
"I saw many things,

"Tell me I need to know,

As puzzled looks on the woman as to what she
Meant, but ideas where swirling inside.

"What's what I saw worth,

"You don't even know what I want,
"Well if you **** me again you'll never no,

Frustration gathered its pace on Katie's face.
She slammed the door and another creaked
As if old and rarely opened. All that was heard
Was a shallow thudding, followed by screams
Of dismay then a final thud and silence once
Again spoke in the room.

"Look what you made me do,
"That poor man,

Her face awash with tears of blood dripping
On her now polluted garments. She wiped one
Cascading stream and showed it on her finger.

"Do you know what this is, life,
"Now it is but an echo a shade of death,

She stared in disbelief at her words had hastened
The demise of another life. Her head shaking unable
To conceive the mentality behind such an act.
Realizing her time was of fewer moments than
She had thought, she spoke with less bite.

"You want to know what is beyond the veil,

Katie was silent I told one before you then she
Silent, and she will evermore be.
I was taken from that place, I died but
Was brought back. They took me away,
Now it has burnt away a picture
Of ash unseen but I know its still there.

"I'm sorry you were at peace,

"This is now my hell,

Talking was not on Katie's mind,
Either they saw what was etched in ash
Or they would sing the song of death.
Silence was her gift to them to envision
What she had seen in the moments between
The light and darkness, life and death.

"You wish to know what I saw,
"Only in experiencing deaths moment....,

"You want me to die,
"Is this a joke of a desperate soul,

Sweat beaded on her brow, no you wish to
Know what I saw mere words are
Like stars in the heavens many but so distant apart.

"I will be next to you,
No ******* shall you feel,

Katie looked with distrust in her eye.
Could she trust this person that
She had killed not once but twice?

"Any deception and I will end you,
Third time isn't the luck one this time,

She looked at Katie with thought.
Katie was in random mode, eyes
Where neither here or there. She walked out
The room and she waited was she moments
From her death, panic ensued till.......

"Ok lets do this, I need to know,

Katie unhooked her *******,

"I'll know if anything is wrong,

"If what you wish to see is granted am I free?

She thinks, restraints are now loosened,
As she stands only one is locked under key.

"Why this?
"You think I trust someone I killed more than once?

Louise under trembling fingers injected slowly.
Katie's pulse flat lined,
She counted in her head, three minutes past,
And with hesitant fingers she stabbed Katie in the chest.

No pulse? No key? she started CPR
She wasn't moving she repeated
Then breath gasped at life, Katie?

"What did you do to me,

Hours passed she knelt on the floor
Wondering if this was her fate to be joined
With the one that murdered her twice,
But brought her back in a twisted thank you.

"Wake the hell up,

"No reason to shout you moody vegetable,

"Did you see what was needed,

"Yes and more,
"Three minutes you were dead,

Katie passed the key, I'll never forget what
You did for me. As Louise undid her handcuffs,
Katie smiled as if she knew what was next.

"How many times have you died Katie?

"Including this time it'll be a third tim....

The sharp corner of the cuffs lacerated on
Katie's neck as blood ejected onto her
She calmly walked away and sighed.

"I hope your in hell,
"No light for you for what you were about to do,
"For what you did to me,

She opened the door limping on weakened muscles.
Freedom she thought as she opened it. A long
Corridor opened dimly lit she shuffled onwards.
What seemed like ages a door greeted her.

"If your reading this I am dead,
"I only wanted what was taken from me,
"Each of you were their saving a life,
"Each of you paid the price,
"You gave me a second breath,
"I didn't ask you took my peace from me,
"Love eternally Katie x x x x

Louise shuddered, what waited on the other side.
She opened it slowly,
Then tears ran down her dusty features.

"You took me from heaven,
"Welcome to hell,

Louise stared laughing then screaming
Her nails scrapping against brick.
Bleeding she ran down the
Now failing lights dimmer than before.
Opening doors bodies in decomposed manners,
How long had it been?
She opened the cell next to hers,

"O my god, O my god,

Toby lay their silent his features caved in.
Each door opened a fellow college, a fellow ER
Employee now silent. Thinking back over the years
Faces recognized no longer at the hospital.
Moved on, quit all were here?
The lights flickered them enveloped in nothing
As eyes now blind to everything.

"Katie I hate you,

She remembered her now, a suicide with a

Do not resuscitate notice.

But we were doctors, nurses it was our job
To save every life that we can.

Louise screamed as she crawled on the floor,
Hell isn't bright its eternal darkness.
And she was in it till her last breath now.
Poetic T Dec 2015
Party was at 6pm? I'll fashionably late 6:03pm
So many faces I stare into them and see falsehoods.

"I would like nothing more.

My mind wonders as I envision my blooded palm,
Hearing screams in senseless abandonment.

I pause and take a glass, here I say in forced smiles.

"Hi Matt,
"Hi Angie,

Each given a bottle,

"Sorry I don't drink alcohol?
"No worries here's some bottled punch,

I watch each in their greed anesthetizes my mind.
And I smile, and I breath, what a wonderful day
Tomorrow will bring.

"You ok Lucy?
"I don't feel so good,

"Can I tell you a secret?
"I poisoned each bottle that you all drank,

Like a dead flower she folds in front of me.
Devine terror as I sit drinking my water, legs folded
I give a little wave, slightly camp some could say.
*And then there is silence.
Poetic T Oct 2015
I used to cut myself, seeing my blood fall, wondering if
I could bleed dry the vein that inks the surrounding with
Essence of ones self. a smile lifts on the crease of lips closed.

In darkness it bleed inside, the thoughts of ending not my
Own, to release the bonds of some others life. I started with
Walking by, just a gentle tap of a scalpel, screams echoed loud.

Always crowded streets where my playground of rouge, as
Their veins wept ****** tears. So many cried upon touch.
Never seeing that intimate contact weeping life so much.

But my thought cut upon each, bleeding the urge to extract
Others life through the action of a touch. I wished then to
Be still, for my kiss to shed their life upon the floor.

To end breath is easy, it takes a single action for their motions,
Breath to be expelled with the playful intent. Could I end it with
But a motion or fill the demon with its needed fill.

Motion is set, timing is a clock that counts down, till that second
Where they are still and I am fulfilled. I will burn for this deed but
They will burn before me, all will be cleansed and all evidence gone.
Poetic T Sep 2015
I held your hand you gripped it hard
Wishing the pain would pass quietly
A tear fell and I wiped it slowly clear.

You were silent, mumbled thoughts
Worded in you eyes like a lighthouse
Every unspoken word was seen.

I stuck in the  knife one last time then silence.
Poetic T Sep 2015
Staring out of the window a blank stare
Radiates outwards, cold methodical
Unfeeling of what is seen.

"What do you think,

As not even a glimmer of life breathes forth
A reply, and they just stare at the film reel
Of scenery that leaves eyes behind.

"We'll be their soon, don't worry,

Head leans forward as eyes brushed closed,
Nothing is missed it wasn't the others times
When eyes stared to long now closed.

"What shall I do with you,

"I know I spy,

No answer comes back, just silent, vacant

"Fine be like that see if I care,

Dried up roses sit on the back seat. petals
Scattered over the vacant area, others
Dyeing an old wet jacket soiled and haggard.

"May I borrow that I have some thing in my teeth,
"Don't worry Ill give it you back,

He leans over, and removes it, making an
Unpleasant squelch as if not wishing to
Let loose that which is desired.

"Look I gave you to look after,
"Not to own its mine,

With a final pull taken with force.
Picking slowly at that piece of burger stuck
Lodged in-between two teeth, them a bump.

"Holy mother of crap,
"This is your fault for not releasing it when I asked,

As blood seeps from a lip, teeth bathed in droplets
Of crimson smudged with every painful lick and
Touch of their grazed lip.

"Here have it back,
"It was mine, but now I'll... I'll...,
"Who am I kidding, not like it can do anything else,

Sitting back in the car a hanky chief held tightly
Between teeth lip and tongue. Were here now?
Don't look so shocked, as headlights glare.

"Now look I prepared it for your arrival,
"Always best to plan ahead,

A picnic sheet, is laid on the dry grass, and then
As a stiff crack is heard echoing out, from
Where rigor-mortis  has set in like stone.

"Wow maybe I drove a little too long this time,
"But you liked the views didn't you,

As the knife again pulled out of their chest,
wiped upon the sheet.  it was a cheap thing
Only good was to wrap up unwanted things

"Good as new,

Sweat drips on the ground, as the shovel
tightens the shallow graves soil,
Leaves pulled from the boot cover evenly.

"Another one rested, I do enjoy these drives,
"Next one may have to be shorter?

Getting in to the car looking at the empty seat,
Thinking of how soon another like ones
Before will sit in that seat and enjoy the ride.
Poetic T Aug 2015
Confessions of  a dull blade, it tasted life as it
seeped and sealed death with Its last ******.

It was inanimate but had existence of life seeped
in to its hilt,Voices silent trapped under the hand

Their grip soaking sealing in fallen silence, looking
in to the eyes of so many and then kissed there forehead.

A last rite the au revoir as the dull blade made slow
Work of a mummer, words bleed silence out.

They cherished this moment of intimacy, this personal
Exchange, of life and death, slumped on soiled ground.

Dull blade, tainted handle, of voices silenced this inanimate
Object of desire that crafted by another's macabre thoughts.

Blood congeals as life condenses into nothingness, walking
Away the dull gift takes it now pride of place.
Poetic T Aug 2015
tongue relishes steel
eyes dilate, euphoria
artistic cold heart.
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