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Aug 31
Last first days, time ticking
My time at high school falling
I should savor the moment
Live in the present
Before it all turns to dust

But how can I feel okay
When you're weren't here to stay?
You said I'll be fine and that I should be happy

I feel so disconnected
I'm going through the motions
And I don't know where I'm going

All my relationships feel meaningless
Can't compare them to what we had
Everything is changing so fast

Fighting, waves of the past, drowning
Screaming, but no one is listening
The world without you is so, overwhelming

I wish I weren't this complicated
I wish I could just live in the present
But my mind keeps going back to you
Without you nothing makes sense....

Guess I'll just keep feeling disconnected
And going through the motions
And not know where I'm going

Feeling like all my relationships are meaningless
Can't compare them to what we have
And face the fact
That you, and everything is changing too fast
Haha me having attachment issues and going through senior year without my best friend who left me for college. It's the second day and I already wanna die:)  

But ever just, put all your eggs into one basket and have a very meaningful close relationship with one person and then when they leave you feel disconnected from everyone else because all your other relationships feel shallow and meaningless? That's me right now it's so fun.
Written by
Aspen  18/Agender
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