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Sillo Anderson Dec 2020
I felt clustered by the world
Overtook by its law
Overlooked by its god
Searching for purpose in its raw divine
Meddling amongst all that resides
And with secluded time
Life became smaller and out of sight
Leaving a hopeless romantic lost and behind
But I was hoping, like every human in searching
That better days were not just statements
And no matter the little time given
I’ll not be clustered but free to believe
In whatever I feel to be
John McCafferty Nov 2020
Anxiety and excitement are one of the same
Research for an answer to analyse traits
For the loss of another can be someone's gain
A vicious cycle with which to attain
Stressed from such pressures
Soften your edges to lighten your weight
All in a state but we all hesitate
Widen perspective and encompass ourselves
When life skills aren't taught
Are we really at fault or who is to blame
Personal perception distinguishes choice
Critical thought strengthens one's voice
A softer approach is often dismayed
Where are your heroes when you reach of an age
Admiration compels to find your own way
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
SelinaSharday Jul 2018
Good morning new day..
I arise early I pray..
I'm humbled and grateful..
Not too sure as to which tasks to tackle at first.

There's a hint of thirst..
The desire to get accomplished what was left undone yesterday.
Good morning again new day..
I'm reminded its still so early..
Don't know what will feel the worst.

Not getting done all the mind usually has rehearsed.
Or not getting something new done first.

Ok breakfast.. no nothing till lunch..
Maybe do a brunch.
when do I fit a workout in..
Best time about ten..a.m
Be sure to get your vitamins taken.

Anxious to get prepared for today's work.
Allergy flared up..
Showered and all cleaned up.
All kinds of task yelling for my attention..
Some for work, some about business.
And some for my own pleasure.
Twenty four hours is the length of measure.
Yet theres this sense of pressure.


No wonder I feel tired already..
It's only the beginning..
Yet so much is already awaiting..

Thanks for reading this lil dose of new day waiting..
selinasharday's @H.E.R Poetic Collectionz
s.a.m copy right..2018
new day starting assignments pressure, needs, wants, must be dones today is the day.. procrastinations and the more.
Between the P's of Pressures and pleasures!
SoVi Apr 2018
Sorry to interrupt your schedule program but I need to talk with the Mr. and Mrs.
Lead the children out I don’t want to shock them with the truth I am speaking
The world is ending in a couple of minutes by a force of our creation
No point in fighting just try to crying for mercy
Correction no point for begging cause there’s no escaping.

Your parents are wailing but you are all laughing at hands outstretched across the horizon
Maybe you aren’t scared of my image because you have no basis to draw your perceptions
You are still individuals not products of your parents’ dreams and fears
You still have free will, no concept of living, of course, you won’t be afraid of dying
You aren’t affected by my presence since you have yet to be introduced to me
But eventually you’ll fear me, join me, and you’ll be the cause of your child’s undoing.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
IndiGo Mar 2016
Do not trust me, for I'm  a poet  
I will analyze and read you
Stanza by stanza
hook by hook
My aim is to open you up
Enabling your thoughts to intertwine  with mine & to fall obsession towards me just by my words
Like your  favorite  childhood book.
A poet's eye
Lilly Gibbons Feb 2015
A fence keeps them out,
Stroking the makeshift gates
The contents withheld, they will never know.
Blocks, sticks, plastic, tape hide what we shouldn't take
Only in innocence will the wonders unfold.
Bickering of imagined enemies, a friend or a foe?
Concrete upon concrete, blocking reality,
Enabling the disabled creative.
Reaching for nothing's, plotting new crimes,
Against generations above.
Makeshift gates working wonders, doing what you love.
Orderly Queue For Reason.
Standing, talking, laughing, humming,
All familiar pattern of living.
Not looking up or down, Straight will lead to the light.
Direction dictated by someone's saying,
Study backwards, look forward but not too far ahead.
Outside the trees are swaying, branches beating their drums.
Inside the mind is playing but sooner or later succumbs,
To daylight and being and just staying true
To whatever it is that is not misconceived.
The clocks move sideways, their handles reach to control the next phase.
And I being honest, not causing scandal, learn to live in an orderly way.
Aria of Midnight Oct 2014
Instead of fawning over stars--
distant and twinkling--
feel the small blades of grass
pressing between fingers,
that remind you
of your humbling beginning.

No matter how badly you fall,
somebody working harder
will suffer an even greater wound.
This is solace
for navigating through high school
and its constant academic pressure.
Never, ever forget; be happy with your progress.
Candy Noire Sep 2014
My voice is loud
To make an echo in my soul
I came in eyes wide
Like a whirlwind
And shook up a storm of a man.

Decay and rust what once was gold
Now common copper
Broken homes
You promised the world
And left empty handed.

The thunderclaps of your touch
How do you leave what eats you up?
Addicted to your darkness
Cause when I see sun
It rips apart my sadness.

I'm delirious with delusions
I envisioned more than this
But your touch is hot like fire
And I still long for your kiss
When I'm alone at night, do you remember this?

Bound men frown quietly
Bound by pressures of society
To be a man but you're a boy
And boys just have to play with toys
Not girls, not women you see
But I hope you remember me.

— The End —