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Unknown Jul 2019
Another hurt soul
Fighting to keep the tears inside
Trying to make a way through this day
Lying to yourself
Holding every single thing in
Who is there to tell?
Hiding the pain that's taken over you whole body
No one will understand.
Trying to understand it
Trying to let it pass by
Getting through this day
This very last day
I'm falling, will someone pleas catch me
Unknown Feb 2018
Oh boo,
My Boo. Whatever must I do,
To get back to you?
My love for you is far overdue
Oh my boo, if only you knew
Oh boo
My Boo, all the many things you've put me through
And all the many things I'd do just for you
If only you had a single clue
Oh boo
My Boo, there's no one better for me than you
I wish you'd stop looking for someone new
And just take a peak out your peripheral view
Then I'd see you
And you'd see me too
Then, and only then
Will our love fall through
But until then
Boo, oh boo
I keep your name on my mind
As if it's a tattoo
Oh boo
My boo
Haha. I was actually inspired to write this after I wrote a math poem and I was thinking about my previous relationship
Unknown Apr 2017
You told me you loved me, and I  believed you
I trusted you not knowing what you were capable of
I gave you all of me, not knowing you didn't want me
I opened up to you, not knowing you wouldn't keep my secrets
I had faith in us, not knowing you didn't want us
I loved you, knowing you loved her, not knowing, I couldn't change it
you told me forever,  and i believed you
I tried to love you, knowing your heart had been broken
I tried to work with you, knowing you wanted to work alone
I tried to fix you, knowing you didn't want my help
I tried to be with you, knowing you wanted to be with another
now im telling you I want forever, will you believe me?
Will you let me help You?
Will you let me fix  You?
Will you let me stay with You?
Now im telling you I love you, will you let me?
I always have, and i always will
But you already  knew that
Call me BabyGirl again please...
Unknown Apr 2017
Everyday is the same
The sun goes up and down
The moon rises and falls
The wind blows so softly in the evening
The rain drizzles throughout the night
And the stars shine so bright
But why do my days feel so
The sun never comes up
The moon likes to hangout
The wind blows harshly
the rain pours down at night
And the stars
The stars aren't even bright anymore
Is it because you left?
My days dont  feel right
I dont even know, I just scribbled this on some paper, I know it's not good but its REALLY how im feeling
Unknown Sep 2016
If you dont mind having dreams about me, I'm going to go to sleep thinking about you...
I really like you... Not really a poem but I do really like this boy I can never call mine.
Unknown Sep 2016
Everyday is a competition for me to stay alive...
I'm so heartbroken right now its unreal.
Unknown May 2016
Sometimes i catch myself falling
Falling for you
But your not there to catch me
When you think you found the one but there not feeling that way...
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