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David Acker Jr Jul 2018
They say Karma is a cold one.
It's like I'm married to her.
It's like, at night
She's the last thing I see on my way to sleep.
It's like I kiss her goodnight and then we cuddle.
We even make love.
No, it's like we're conjoined at the hip,
Or some ****.
And has a hand in EVERYTHING throughout the day
Or maybe she's my ****.
Maybe since I ****** and/or ****** over so many women,
And since I've been told "Go **** yourself" so many times
Now she's ******* me
Maybe this is some sick form of *******.
Or maybe I contracted her like an STD.
Or maybe,
Just maybe
She's hereboo to steal my joy like mustard gas to oxygen.
Who knows though?
May there's an penicillin type injection for it.
But, the government refuses to let us use it.
Maybe North Korea can nuke it.
Or Marvel has a super hero to defeat this evil villain.
Or maybe, when all of **** I've done in my past
Maybe I deserve it!
Maybe we are soulmates and
My birthday is our anniversary!!!
Sometimes no matter how hard you try to move on, the past is always right there to **** it up!
David Acker Jr Jun 2018
What do we do when the high is gone?
What happens when we begin to walk around merely a shells of ourselves.
Not fully understanding nor wanting to except the choices that God makes.
Where do we go when we are lost, other than just going through the motions of moving forward.
Who am I kidding...
Pain never goes away...
And misery is an incurable ETD
Emotionally Transmitted Disease
One of the poems I write after my great grandmother passed!
David Acker Jr May 2018
I used to come here and sit
Thinking and writing about life's
It funny how there is more
downs than UPS
More bends that straight aways.
Sometimes I lay awake at night
Wishing I could nightmare about
Experiencing a day more neutral.
Praying that one day my strengths
Will become strong enough
To carry my weaknesses...

Imagine looking up to the heavens
And seeing where the
Sunset first greets the sunrise
And there you would find her smile!!!
There is this place, Emerald Park. It is rately visited by anyone other than bikers passing through. It overlooks the river and houses along the hillside!
David Acker Jr May 2018
I love it when she sing to me.
Making my blood pressure rise
Heart pounding
Her lyrics pounding on my ear drums.
Pheromones being released
By her voice.
Euphoria begins to settle in
While I enticingly
Yearn for more.
Harmony being played
By her vocal cords,
So gracefully
Pulling on my heart strings
As I beg and plead
For this moment
To never end.

Her Moans
David Acker Jr Mar 2018
Can we go where life met laughter. To when love had more value than fame. To how we used to respect those who came before us. And family extend far beyond the limits of your doorsteps. Can I get back to a gap toothed smile and fill em in puzzles. To puff bread and pecan candy. To walking my hanging with the homies at Dunbar. Who want to go back to walking from Oak St to Wakefield. Playing ball at Centennial Park, East end community center and MLK Elementary. Somehow I've wipped away a lot of my memory, however, I'll never forget my homies playing their makeshift drum set and me winking at their sister behind their back. Childhood crushes right. I have erased dates and events but the way you all have influenced me is engraved in me like the chiseled details on Donatello sculptures. I just want to go.....
David Acker Jr Mar 2018
I guess it's no longer a Secret
By now, you are fully aware that I admire you
Your smile makes it impossible
For me not to
Its such a blessing to
Be able to inhale the carbon dioxide
That you exhale
Filling my lungs with a kindliness that
Not even Hathor herself possessed
With a kiss sweeter than Hershey...
And Godiva chocolates combined
With a smile that could
Illuminate the darkest hour
Your hug feel as if you can
Calm an angry alligators medulla oblongata
Flight or fight huh?
I promise to fight to
Send you on first class flights
Sharks and whales swimming under
Heated glass floors
Even though you deserve
Mansions with pearly gates
And roads cemented with gold
You're my calming lifeline
Every time I look into your eyes
I see a perfectly imperfect forever
David Acker Jr Mar 2018
Oh wouldn't it be nice....
Ironically however,
If she was to wake up
And the first thing she
Sees is my soul.
Second thing,
The heavens opening up
Flowing purity on
A union of imperfections.
Finally, her welcoming the
Warmth of my morning-
Breath kisses
Like the sun piercing
Through the window seals
Goode Morning
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