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I'm Free"
Such a con man convincing me that I was so beautiful, his saving grace,
With his hands, he painted my face,
With make-up I would have to retrace,
I would dress pretty just for him,
I kept my body fit and trim,
Though for real, I didn't know it was a messed up,
I tried to be his best partner, his loving wife.
Shocked and and scared every time,
like it was something new, that just began,
He'd beg my forgiveness again & again,
how I always forgave, forgetting all the prior distress,
just to continue day after day.

Pulling my hair, using your fist to paint my lips the color of crimson red, fearing each time I'd die.
It even happened when you weren't full of whiskey,
I'd have moments of reality,
knowing I had to get out for my babies,
You had everyone convinced you were innocent,
I was the one that suffered your vengeance,
like an illusion, everyone took your side,
they all believed every time you lied.

I have no more shame, no more fear,
Never again
cristina Dec 2020
we search for saving in every little crevice
of our lonesome existence
we yearn for release
and for whoever may be generous enough grant it

it is comforting to believe in a savior
because we crave the idea of rescue
a moment of peace in this endless cycle of suffering
as if redemption could befall on us from the sky
as if there was a miracle crafted from the heavens above
just for us
selflessly gifted and waiting to be found

to live one's life in the hope of saving
is the most poetic tragedy ever written by man

I have come to understand the charm of religion
and those who seek to pursue its principles
for if I were certain that someone out there cared enough to save me
I'd get on my knees too
Sarah Flynn Oct 2020
you can call me a princess,
but I won’t wait around
for some prince.

hand me the sword.
I’ll slay my own dragon.
I’ll fight my own battles.
I’ll be my own hero.

and if that prince shows up
trying to save me
when I don’t need saving,

he won’t be fighting someone
for my hand in marriage.

he’ll be fighting me
for his own **** life.
Shiv Pratap Pal Jun 2020
They are so much cunning and cruel
Yet they possess, intelligence and smartness
Yes, they are filled with over confidence
They are absolutely shameless too

Don’t you feel my dear?
They don't have any sort of fear
They are beating us, hitting us
And we are helplessly watching them

They are neither allowing us to weep
Not they are letting us to cry loud
They are snatching our source of livelihood
They are looting our meagre savings too

They are boring bigger holes in our pockets
By their powerful invisible technological drills
Selling all sorts of stuff they use to produce
Drugs, sanitizers, hand washes and what not

They are asking to keep our ugly mouth fully shut
By putting beautiful, colourful and fancier masks
They are not letting us to meet our friends
They are not letting us to share our meals

They are not allowing us to share our views
They are not allowing us to share our thoughts
With any of our friend, relatives and fellow citizens
They are just telling us to follow whatever they say

They are throwing ******* and garbage on us
In the name of science, health and hygiene
There appears to be not much science
In their so call science and modern science

Shamelessly they proclaim to be our saviours
Saving us from the army of an invisible enemy
Although existence of any such army is doubtful
But their intentions are doubtful and doubtful

If any such invisible army of enemy really exists?
It may have been raised and owned by them only
To **** the lives of all the other fellow humans on earth
And to fulfil their greed and lust for power and money

They are planning to inject in our bodies
Some drugs, chemical or any such thing
They will even charge money for that
And try to fill their everlasting greed

I wonder, who they are?
God, Demi Gods or the Devils
Or they are just a band of inhuman
Resembling a band of nasty humans

Do they really have some superpower?
Or they are just a bunch of ugly parasites?
Trying to draw everything from our lives
Just to feed himself and to recreate his own life
A poem from the point of view of  conspiracy theorists.
Diana May 2020
There was a time when I was trapped
On an island none could see
As I waited there on the darkened lands
For someone to find me
Days and days spent gazing out
At the still, empty waters
Never knowing when the day will come
That my life here would falter
I wonder if there would be a day
I would want life less than death
But if I tried jumping into the sea
I know I would hold my breath
Staying here, I am confined
On an island of my own making
Wondering if this day will be my last
But next morning I keep waking
There’s no way off this silent place
No way to end this pain
And I can’t stop my will to live
From continuing to drain
As I gaze upon the shimmering blue
I know no one’s here to save me
And as I watch the days ticking by
I know no one’s here to free me
But now I know as I continue to live
My freedom’s not defined by others
And I cannot keep waiting here
To be freed by another
So now I know never to wait
Until the tank fills to the brim
When no one’s there to witness you drown
You teach yourself to swim

— OrcasTogether
Fight for yourself :)
Sheila Greene May 2020
Anger, hate, rage
Bleeding black
Numb heart
Great hole
Engulfing my soul

Sadness, death, decay
Hardness remains
Heavy breathing
Slowing pulse
Alone, shallow grave

Calm, peace, hope
Ray of light
Breaks night
Like sun on dew
Evaporates the black

saved a soul
I am back.

© sd greene  6/15/17
We all have a darkness hidden inside of us.
Parker Apr 2020
you love me because you want to save me
but im not salvagable...
sometimes garbage is just garbage
and you should let it rot
solfang Apr 2020
a girl can dream
for her prince;
but fairy tales
just don't exist
Serendipity Feb 2020
There is no hesitation
to pick up bird feathers
from off the ground,
and heal an angel's
broken wings.
But there is a pause
before we reach a hand
to the broken claw
of a demon.
Tell me now,
Are they both not in need of saving?
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