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Today i say goodbye to all that happened with me in the past,
Past where you were by my side, making me smile after our worst fights.
I say goodbye to the promises that we made,
Where the walls were painted all blue, the blues in which i am still swimming,
I say goodbye to the coffee cups,those caffeine are still in my nerves,
I say goodbye to the joint we rolled, feeling like I am writing on that same paper,
Today I say goodbye to our room, in which I still sleep alone, where the bedsheet reminds me of you,
Today I say goodbye to our mutual friend, that pillow mate, where he knows all that happened between us.
But let me tell you, this is my room, which is calling me back,
I will visit again sometime, someday
But today I say goodbye to all.
TG Feb 2020
I´m feeling lonely,
But why are u so clingy,
I am feeling unwanted,
But why are u complimenting,
Nobody wants me,
But why are u flirting,
I´m feeling ugly,
But why do u call me beautiful,
A hundreds of people can call me beautiful,
But being unwanted from that one person can harm deeply,
It´s unlogical, but its overpowering.
TG Feb 2020
They say, words hurt the most.
Is it?
Actions can even hurt more,
Seeing somebody dancing with someone else,
Seeing everybody together while u are alone,
Seeing the cold hard truth, that nobody´s calling u
Seeing all the love that is given, but not to you,
Seeing ur dreams crumble into pieces,
What does a word even mean,
If all these actions show you the cold hard truth,
Words can be a lie, an act of insecurity,
But actions,
They´ll let you crumble.
#sad #sadpoem #words
TG Feb 2020
Can´t help thinking about what we could be
I will always think about the opportunity
Possibility that we could have been a thing,
You and I together
Creating magical moments,
You and me against the world,
You proving me wrong,
That I ain't less,
That I am someone,
That I am special,
But that didn't happen..
mlebrdn Sep 2019
Yesterday I had to choose
between taking a one way trip to the unknown
or staying.
In this place
of loneliness,
and hatred.
I chose to stay.
The familiarity of the misery
seems much more comforting
than the promised peace of the unknown.
It’s one of those trips that I’ve been wanting to take but I’ve been putting off like Fjaerland, Norway. The only difference between Fjaerland and this trip of the unknown is that this trip only has a one way ticket. Once I decide to board this plane there is not turning back.
Nicole Aug 2019
I know shes just a friend
But why does this heart
Whenever you look at her

It was never the same as how you looked at me
HoneyPotter Apr 2019
I am not asking for support
or anything much more
but why is that doing what I want
and going to where my hearts want to go
People have always something to say
like a harsh reminder
that own happiness is luxurious
and impossible to attain?
Own happiness at the least priority.
Ankur Dutta Mar 2019
In the red light of desolation,
when loneliness seems less lonely;
in my crater of existence,
in my loud mind, a resonance
of lyrical thoughts,
are inking my world
with fading blots...
how the overwhelming sadness and the sound of desolation leaks out into the real world in the form of prose and poetry,
the fading blots of our lyrical thoughts
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