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Michael Adams Oct 22
Were you the one or one in five?
Is it dead or still alive?
Could I be six or even more?
Could I be ten and you be four?
Did I forget to carry one?
Did I add numbers just for fun?
Or multiply my feelings out?
Or round down when you’d yell and shout?
For I was never good at this.
And all the signs they went amiss.
For every answer every sum,
I can’t erase my only one.
We met once.
It was on a Bridge.
Do you remember?
You were on the Eastern side and I was on the West.
I thought you’d smiled at me.
You thought I’d play exactly like the rest.

I stepped out.
It was Sunny.
Do you remember?
As I left the West.
I thought you’d laughed at me.
You thought that keeping distance would be best.

I stopped.
It was Cloudy.
Do you remember?
As I looked back at the West.
I thought you’d yelled at me.
You thought my climbing on the rail was in jest.

I jumped.
It was raining.
Do you remember?
I took one last look toward the West.
I thought I saw you there.
You thought you’d just continue on your quest.
Michael Adams Sep 26
Our hearts will not allow us to complete the Journey without
living &
Honestly and openly and truthfully.

Our heads will tell us to keep trying to anyway.

Don’t listen.

The Journey is long enough as it is.
Guilt &
Are heavy burdens to carry.
Michael Adams Sep 25
Life is a Disco. Don’t sit in the corner. Put yourself in the middle and dance like crazy.

Love is a gamble. Never fold. If your choices are rational and your mind is clear, You aren’t playing.

Loss is a sledgehammer. Never swing it. It will only break more than it already has.
Michael Adams Sep 24
Advice is just an opinion with an agenda.

Take a chance on me.

This is my advice to you.
Michael Adams Sep 24
He thought he had a grip on life,
He thought he knew his place his Wife.
He thought he knew himself as well,
But when he met her all thoughts fell.

No longer did he know his Wife,
Too loose he’d held a grip on life.
And swept up by a younger spell,
That grip was broken by the swell.

Now swept away he looked around,
The younger spell could not be found.
He called he searched he tried in vain,
But hope and heart began to wane.

For she had gone this much he knew,
His head was fog his heart was blue.
He knew for him it wouldn’t be,
So he surrendered to the sea.
Michael Adams Sep 23
My tears are falling,
Why so Sad?
My fear is calling,
Why so mad?
My life collapsing,
Why so bad?
I lost a love,
I never had.
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