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Tizzop Feb 2020
don't drop crumbs on the floor
don't produce dirt on the sofa

don't be weak but
don't tell me your story
cause i hate it

don't take control in bed
don't try to find the speed
don't talk about your needs

don't question my dont's
don't think that you won't
Today is a good day.
Julie Grenness Oct 2016
Today,  I wasn't even ******,
I wrote for you a To-Don't List,
"To Do's" can get you miffed,
"Don't worry" to you I'll say,
"Don't hurry yourself today!"
There's no rush, that's the way,
Don't give up, persevere,
"Don't give up your faith, my dears!"
"Don't give up smiling, anyway."
"Please don't get negative this day,"
Don't take any notice, prithee,
Of negative Norms and Normas, please,
Don't get into dumb arguments, a thought,
"To Don'ts", indeed, life's too short!
Feedback welcome.
Oscar Mann Nov 2015
I tend to mix up do’s and don’ts
Not out of recklessness
Malice or even stupidity
It’s more a second nature
To walk into precarious situations
Ignoring well-meant advice
Setting off alarms
And wreak havoc
And instigate confusion
And set of ***** traps
To see what might happen
And I am well aware
That curiosity killed the cat
But as long as I’m still standing
I’ll do what I shouldn’t
Because life’s for the living
And living is all about mucking about
Without do’s and don’ts
And with enough curiosity
To make a grown man cheer
luke Nov 2014
One night is not enough for you to
fill the next highlighting their scars
you should not throw rocks at his window
then hide your hands in your pockets
and said he's the one trying hard
I didn't mean to say you shouldn't write it
you could write a manuscript
even two for all I know
just make sure the pages are free from spilled inks
before you proceed to the next page
cutting the colour of his hair to paste in it making fun of it
well you got a messy web in your bleached hair
while you're blindfoldingly labeled him with words
it's those words that he seemed to laugh off but kept him up all night reminiscing
just what went wrong on that *one night
You can write about how things went and what went wrong along the way but never never never write about something one can't change like physical appearances and things. That makes you just the same level as him when you said he wasn't a nice guy. That makes two of you if what you're saying is true. Words ****.

— The End —