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Steve Page May 2018
you've heard about me
is true.
- Apart from that thing with L3.
We were just friends.
You just gotta love Lando Calrissian.
Cordelia Copson Jan 2017
they preached blood born, all this birds of feathers
then plucked mine out, left me naked in water
which feels pretty thick six foot nether
thicker than gosling blood bled from slaughter
I hid my face behind scrawny brown wings
but still they came with talons - not so bad
as their small beaks which screamed such vile things
denouncing all love and ties that once were had
to die by their hands would have been hell
from the lake i emerged like a child with a splinter
struggling and screaming, but just as well
for when i met long-necked angels that winter
and placed my own neck in their talons embrace
they just cooed and laughed and set me a place
Cordelia Copson Jan 2017
the thing is, it wasn't really the prince
she dreamed of, so young and shrouded in waves
it was being whole, having a soul, and since
the prince is in deep water, it's him she saves.
loving him is having a hundred knives
buried deep inside her body always
it is sacrificing three hundred lives
that could be had in the best of ways
amongst the foam, again in the sprays
of ocean against the rocks, tides and seas
but she gives it up, the years, months, days
for a feeble human man who just flees.
if he won't give you a soul, he has betrayed
you. cut one out of him, little mermaid
everyone hates these and so do i now but i still have to put them here so that you know
Psychonaux Jun 2015
Она што твојот глас го прави толку рамен
толку тенок и како од плех
тоа е стравот
дека ќе кажеш нешто погрешно

или секогаш истото
или она што секој го кажува
или нешто неважно
или беспомошно
или нешто што би можело погрешно да се разбере
или што би можело да им се допадне на погрешни
или нешто глупо
или нешто толку очигледно
нешто застарено

Зарем не ти здосади
од чист страв
од чист страв пред стравот
дека ќе кажеш нешто погрешно

секогаш да ја кажуваш погрешната работа?
Препев: П.В.
Autumn Whipple Jan 2015
in the tumbles of ice and snow
a small spark of a crystal did grow
i sprang out borne, not still
into a world of ice and chill
i loved the ice, the tumbling start
of snowflakes that cascaded through the dark
for what could hold me with such care
as the snow and ice that kissed my hair?
i held my heart in a hardened vice
of a sweetly spun smoldering ice
but i grew older
that layer of solder
quickly cracked over
my heart pounded newly awaken
in a wild flutter, i had forsaken
the quiet isolation of ice and snow
for a life i didn't know
i longed for years for a frosty companion
to lead me through the wild abandon
that people once called love

i crept, i crawled, i spit and spied
i let the hope shroud me with lies
and then one day in Holland dear
i cast about, i found the boy
playing with his small wooden toy
one look at him and i knew it was true
this boy longed to feel the cold too
all at once so far and so near
all at once my path was clear
his name was Kay
and at the break of day
i shattered the mirror
and left a shard of my love clearer
slipped into his heart and eye

but there was a girl, a wretched thing
who in winter still smelled of summer and spring
she had my king by the throat
a sappy pestilence that would revoke
my claim to my sweet one Kay
and ruin my chance for love, that wicked fae

so i came to  him on a day i loved best
and when he came close i clutched him to my chest
for now he saw the beauty seared
into my face, so ruthless and dear
i cried pure flakes as we pulled away
to my joy there was no delay

for he was on the brink of manhood
a sweet young thing that would soon leave the stage in which he stood
and grow to love me safe and sound
in my castle where he would never frown
and would tumble happily among the drifts and cold down

but i'd forgotten the girl, the awful thing
who claimed love for  my soon to be king
like the sun in autumn loves the far away spring
in my carelessness i left her to sing
a song of melancholy with a bitter ring

i took my love far away
to the brink of my frozen quay
and then i first saw him smile
he kissed my cheek and asked to stay awhile

years passed and he grew
i was mother, friend, then lover true
he was pure and sweet and warm
by me Kay would never come to harm
a man who loved the cold and snow
and the woman whom held it, all aglow
he led my frozen heart to love

but the girl crept up and tried to sway
the heart of my beloved Kay
she begged she pleaded, she did whispered and shout
but of my palace dear Kay wouldn't come out
he protested, told her a story
of a beautiful ice queen and a love of glory
but the girl did twisted and pout
she pleaded for my love to cast on me his doubt
i lied, she cried
i'd stolen Kay, so he should cast me aside

i told him once as i felt my heart crack
that if he left he could never come back
the ice and snow would be strangers forevermore
if he walked through that door
he smiled his brilliant way
and said he would never live to see that day
but as he turned to shout out go home
a single tear that that ***** had thrown
landed in his glass shard eye
and with a sigh he followed through the night
the sound of sun and cruel warmth and harsh light

i was dead, abandoned
as though my dearest had cut my throat
she melted away the sight of beauty he once held dear
and his eyes for once weren't clear
the ice and snow now held no power
and he slipped farther away with every hour
until she made him forget all about me

i pledged  i would never have another
and until death came forever my lover
i would never remind him of the loss
of the world she made him toss

so years went by
and with every day he breathed and sighed
laced with crystal goodbyes
she couldn't melt the ice in his heart
and in my frozen palace there were starts
when ever he thought of a life that he quite remember

but ten years later in late December
a young man stood in the snowy weather
calling out my name
in a way so tender
the cold and snow wrapped him in its arms
and bore him away to my broken form
he kissed me once
his lips still cold
and the ice queen learned what it was to truly hold
a willing heart and love, fully thawed and smoldering
i will love this man, my Kay
until the world starts over and makes our hearts say
that a deathless death will be the right way

but until then we dance away the days
in immortal youth
with no decay
for it was a snowy world with just an ice queen
and a molten man smitten with the cold serene.
this was based in the Hans Christian Anderson story The Ice Queen. the first draft was  better but i accidentally deleted it :'(  this is supposed to be in the view of the ice queen, who i always felt bad for. the isolation of winter couldn't be a happy place, and maybe she stole Kay so she would have someone to share the beauty with. and suggestions or comments would be great!

— The End —