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Serena Mar 10
What if I told you I never found love
What if I told you love never found me
Truth is I'm scared to be alone
It's funny because everyone dies
Only body and bone
Whether love tried to exist
Whether someone thought they loved me      
I end most of them because I was afraid
Afraid to hear that this isn't going to work,
I actually didn't like you,
Or just afraid to be left
I gotten the love people gave me
Whether from those many situations
Or whether from friendships
I never really got to feel that you're my favorite moment
It hits when those only moments you got was just never enough
It hurts to know people you have hopes and dreams for
Break you and tear those hopes and dreams apart
For me love always lurks
Even when love doesn't work
I barely love myself
When all my figures and flaws turn into a doubt
Its something I should feel proud about
Sometimes I don't
Love for me is hard to find
maybe it's hard for love to find me
What if I told you love and I are not to combine
Been months now, not knowing what love is
Knowing what love is, is like knowing all that it is
How do you and love combine?
Beck Jun 2020
My worst fear is to be alone.
No friends.
No family.
Just me.
I don't want to wake up someday and realize I have no one.
That I pushed people away
Or made them hate me for some reason.
Is it bad that it scares me to the point that I can't be myself,
No matter what?
Is that bad?
Its ******* terrifying to me.
Its hard being alone.
Its dreadful.
I mean I try to talk to someone all the time.
I don't know if I do it to distract myself from my thoughts.
Or just the fact that I like people.
Am I the only one like this?
Probably not.
But still.
It terrifies me.
Just the thought of being completely alone make me upset.
Like I want to start bawling.
I already feel alone.
But I have people around me.
People I can text.
Friends I can call.
Family I can talk to.
But I have never been completely alone.
It can happen.
I'm young.
I have years to make sure this doesn't happen to me.
Well, who knows if I have years.
I could die tomorrow.
Or even tonight.
But the thought of being completely alone keeps me up at night.
It makes me strive to make new friends.
To meet new people.
To constantly be on call with someone.
To even occupy my brain with something else.
Like playing video games.
Watching YouTube or Netflix.
Am I the only one that is terrified of this?
Hanef Alinor Nov 2017
He is a fire, was once a spark
Approached by no one, feared by
They never go near, for he burns marks
Scars that will never be gone

He lighted the dark with his flames
Left alone, and he went rampage
People pointed fingers, he got the blame
Blindly, he was forgetten and left to age

But if we feel his pain, his burning ember
We could see pass the ashes of his fire
Give empathy for him to remember
That he's the flame made to inspire
Bibek Oct 2017
I have been alone,
How alone you ask?

So alone,
Even the tears flowed away,
Bearing disapproval to my state

So alone,
That my lungs haven't been polished for years,
With breath shared by a beautiful soul

The windows, they stare at their own scars
The old doors, go either way to closure,
The torn roofs welcome the rain
But the drops fill spaces,
   Not hearts
Suicidal thoughts on being alone and feeling the non living
Siann Choate Mar 2017
I know I'd make it on my own
nothing new
It's all I've known.
Making decisions on what to eat
trying hard just to make ends meet

knowing what to do
knowing what comes next
Thinking about what?
I know whats best.
Mark Lecuona Jan 2015
I don’t know if I wander about in your dreams
I just can’t decide if I’d rather be rumor or fact
I feel like a silent movie with a broken light
I need to know my audience so I know how to act

I had a pain like something serious in your chest
It felt like I should call a doctor but it’s not that bad
Most times I forget it ever happened
But this time it lingered and made be sad

It’s too bad we can’t tune our life up like a guitar
We get stretched and left in a corner somewhere
But in the right hands we can make magic again
It’d be easy if we could just find someone to care

I think I need to start by not thinking about happy
It’s a goal but at the same time it’s just too much
Why does life always have to be a project anyway?
The only way to get there is to lighten our touch

— The End —