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Noura 6d
Taking a step into my heart,
I will find the light in my darkest fight.
Noura May 8
My eyes were fixed on the wall in front of me,
“The clock is broken, it stopped”
“No, it’s working just fine” he said to me,
“It’s not moving, slow down, you’re going too fast”
“Catch up with me, then”
I can’t
“I ran once” “I ran once, and my clock worked”
“Work harder, catch up”
I can’t
“I think I’ll stand here a little bit longer”, I smiled.
Noura Apr 4
Within the nothing you see
Appears a dot of light
A flicker in your heart
Beat after beat they go fast
Suddenly your eyes widen
Hope, has just noticed you
You extend your hand
Trying to hold on to the gleam
You grab it
Your heart is now full
Of an ever so growing rhythm
The darkness disappears
And the sun comes up
Noura Apr 4
You were the only thing I wanted
You were my something grand
What I looked for my entire life
You stood there in the back of my mind
Watching every second
Protecting every second
But what can we do?
You were just that, a piece of my mind
No matter how much I wished you there
No matter how much I cried for you
Not matter how many worlds I built
Worlds where you are alive
There’s no way around it
There’s no way to have you here
There’s no way to trick myself
And I lay here, wanting, grieving
Sad, pathetic, trapped in a hole of darkness of my own making
Waiting and waiting and waiting
For you.
Noura Mar 30
A pondering shadow, I see
The time I stop my travels
And settle down, for a glimpse
Of the inside world
The shadow is so tall, tall and dark
Its face, indiscernible
But its eyes, they look at me
With amazement, or pity
I cannot tell
I could never tell
So complicated
So distant
I am trying to understand you, Shadow,
Please, turn on the light, and let me in.
Noura Mar 30
All he ever did was look for it
All he ever wanted was to find it
And at times he thought he finally got it
But then, again and again, he was hit by the truth
That he could never catch it
Like trying to hold air
It was impossible
He held out his arm time and time again
Thought this must be it
But it.. it wasn’t
They didn’t understand him
Didn’t get him
Didn’t see him
Love, for him
Was a wish, never to be fulfilled.
Noura Mar 25
Day switches into night,
Night switches into day.
The ray of sunshine loses its light
From a small squared display.

Through that square, a street appears,
On its cars, gathers dust.
Emptiness fill it, no people, no peers,
The road seems long and unjust.

Locked, in a box of flesh.
Locked, in a box of demands.
Alone time can be fresh,
But nothing compares the outer lands.

Suddenly the sirens turn off,
And the silence, becomes tough.
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