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Noura 4d
So, you’re gonna leave, he said
Yes, she said, when the time comes, you’ll understand.
Today, he understood, he now knows.
Pain, it cracked through his skull
Everything hurt, but mostly, his heart ached
He remembered her, suffering
He remembered himself, watching
He never understood before
But now, now he does.
Dying, on the ground, he remembered her
Dying, on the ground, he cried.
Noura May 26
There are things that you just wanna ignore
Never come back to
But their remains never leave
They're here to make a scene
To torment you in your sleep
To haunt you in your day
To stay
And you fight
Every ****** day you're alive
You fight
You put on a smile
You work you study you love you laugh
And you live
Some people don't, but you do
Because that's how it is.
Noura May 26
They played around the yard
Orange, Brown, Green, to each its own ray
Left and right they went
It's like they knew the way
For a moment, they weren't just leaves
They were her kids, with their loud noises that she could hear no more
With their bright eyes and even louder smiles.
A tear fell down her cheek
For those leaves, flew away.

— The End —