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Shaairamor Apr 2018
Suckling on my breast for dear life,
How dare you finesse my -
& sacrifice
Get your ******* own
Constantly battling cognitive dissonance and projecting it onto your victims
Get some self - awareness
How about you feed into yourself for once,
instead of cheating
The womens' ******* sustains life
They gives you ****** pleasure
My breast heal your wounds
I literally carry your -
inconsistencies ,
yet I never complain.  
I built you up,encouraged growth, and maintained that happy life you wish you had;
The life I live so effortlessly.
Suddenly, the switch up...
You're NOT my project
Still dah bhaddest
when in the world’s (supposedly) leading democracy
a new president starts his office with

     making life more expensive for average home owners
     signing orders threatening the health of millions
     restricting the publications of researchers
     denying global warming
     encouraging coal and oil companies
     forbidding federal employees to talk to the media
     going on fantasy trips about “alternative facts"
          to justify his ridiculous lies
     blaming the media when asking questions and checking facts
     barring leading media companies from press conferences
     waffling about his Russian connections
     refusing to release his tax returns
     ordering to build walls to keep out all those aliens,
          like the old Chinese did, to little avail
     issuing poorly formulated presidential orders
          causing confusion and harm and even deaths
     banning even green card holders from entering the country
     filling his cabinet with all the alligators from the swamps
          he promised to clean during his campaign
          people who know how to avoid paying taxes and beating the     system
          but have no clue how to govern now that they ARE the system
          and think they can run the USA with its 350 million citizens
          as Trump&Cronies;, USA, Inc.,
          like their private family businesses, for profit
fraternizing with kings and monarchs & wannabe sultans in the near east
     'democratic dictators' in the far southeast
      and wannabe czars in russia
but hesitating to confirm ties to old allies
     in Europe, NATO, and the Far East
suggesting that having undeclared secret meetings
     is quite OK for his campaign team members
     his son and son-in-law & cetera
nominating well-known union busters
    into the Federal Office of Labor
    and a billionairess widely unaware
    of the existence of non-private schools
    as Secretary of Eduction
banning grandparents. grandchildren
     as well as aunts and uncles
     of gratuitously selected countries
     from joining their families in the USA
 believing that the US president & his cronies
     stand above the law 

[ctd. fron line 2...] THEN
it is high time to seriously ask
what concept
    if any
of democracy he has in mind
In view of ongoing developments, this poem is a work in progress and will be updated whenever significant "presidential orders" or some such become public.
Rockie Jan 2015
Parents will warn;
Family will mourn;
Those friends who were lost;
To 'Stranger Danger'

But what they don't mention;
Are the Strangers;
Who don't mean any Danger;
The ones with a story;
Behind the scary looking scars;
And the bans from the bars;

But the pain;
The pain of being afraid;
Being ignored and spat upon;
Maybe you're the ones who are;
'Stranger Danger'

— The End —