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Closed my eyes to yesterday to where my sweetheart seems now so far away
from all those
But all those days have all gone now giving way to memories of all our yesterday's I close my eyes and see them
Just won't close eyes and go to sleep at every opportunity
I have It maybe night or day for It dosen't matter
I pretend my sweetheart still sleeps with me that she laid here by my side reliving all our yesterdays whilst we
both are soundly
I see more when my eyes are closed and fast asleep all my yesterday's
Johnny walker Mar 23
All of a sudden out blue come a sense of calm a feeling that of being
a happy again strange sort
of, as If being content that I've found a
to where I want to be happy to be In my thought of Helen keeping her close so much a part of me she still
I want this to be so that It never changes although gone Helen remains so much a part of my life there was a time I was led to believe by others I had to move
but I'm not going to because I don't want to what I have of Helen Is worth far more than moving on or trying to form other
Helen's memories can do far more than another relationship could
Quote a line from an Elvis song "Memories not reliving but at least It, not the end" how true this Is to me I have my memories and that
Quote a line from an Elvis song "Memories not reliving but at leased Its not the end" how very true this Is to me
CautiousRain Mar 17
I know that face used to light up,
and I recognize that face here,
but I don’t know what to say,
cause I feel that face in my expressions
and I really thought it’d go away.

I am delighted and also frightened,
and I feel most ashamed
that after all this time,
our faces, some faces, these faces
look the same.
it's like life is on a loop
and somewhere I hear a faint, perpetual laugh track directed at me
I know through my dreams and memories I know can't relive life, but at least to me through memory It's not an

And with her memory, I can stay strong In my believes to survive this world now alone just to think of her gives me the strength to

Then to carry my fight through the strength of my wife's Inspiration drives me on In the struggles of my now life

But a woman who gave me a chance where others not even glance and I was blessed with all Helen's love

For I had won her trust and gained the key
to her heart a key that opened

A treasure trove
of pure pleasure ecstasy
radiating from her very
Memory I know Is not reliving but It really Is a way for me to survive
Johnny walker Dec 2018
How once the joy's of love I felt whilst layed In the arms of my lover the thrills of exploring each
There Is nothing compares
to be laid there completely free of clothing the sensation of our naked bodies touching her soft
I didn't need Heaven I had It all there Im my hands all that I'd ever wanted the best days of my life I'm again living those days that long remain In my
Reliving my days again through my memories of
Helen that will long  remain
for years to come
Ava May May 2018
Reliving the same night over and over and over and over again.
Oh, how insane it can drive me.
Every time, every **** time, I close my eyes after a long stressful day I drift off into a place of  mind where there is supposed to be dreams that take you to a place of imagination. A place where anything can happen. Wanna know where I drift off to? Hell.
I see your face and that smirk. That smirk where your lips are parted but not enough to show your shiny, white, perfect teeth. I see the tree above me covering my exposed scarred up body from the cold night sky that I once used to prance under. I feel the heat of your breath that normally lingers of nicotine and whiskey on my neck. I drift off to a place where the one I loved placed his hand where ever he pleased as I laid there thinking of a different place. I have these nightmares of this night where I lost parts of me. Parts that completed me.
I relive the same night over and over and over and over again.
Oh, how I am going insane.
Jules M Apr 2018
Daddy yelled at me - "Stop crying, and take it like a man!!" - and I shriveled up into myself, being a baby again. I tried to think of all the happy things we had done before that - Daddy let me watch him play WOW, and he played a board game with me, for the first time since I had met him! - and there were a couple, but it was hard not to feel the pain, and to not cry... Eventually, though, I learned to stop; when Daddy told me to pull my pants down, and bend over the edge of the bed for a spanking, I did it shakily, but I did not cry, even if Daddy hit me with a belt. I 'took it like a man', but it seemed Daddy did not like that, even though that is what he had told me to do. He yelled again - "I might as well spank you double, since it doesn't seem to bother you!!" - but I did not cry. This made Daddy stop eventually, but when Daddy turned into Father, I wished I could get the physicality back. The shaming, and yelling, and screaming, and fighting was so much worse - it made me want to die. When I told father this, he only did it more; so I tried to die. Then he left me on my own, ashamed of me; from then on, I wrote until my fingers callused, and drew until my hand cramped, to have a world of my own, where nobody was shamed for wanting to cry, or end their lives.
Inspired be a prompt on Writetheworld
JC Nov 2017
I knew I should be alone
after the torment meant for me
had gone on and on and on and on
'til loud 2:46 a.m. was freed.
I searched for something to fill the void
that toyed with whatever mind I had left.
I opened cans, broke bottles, and soiled
what good I had left when you left.
So I met this one who unfurled and quizzed me to death.
And I loved her laughter, and she said, "Suddenly,
"I miss you when I'm not near you. My breath
"feels incomplete when I linger . . . without you."
And I thought, Finally, happiness is no afterthought;
but still I was empty as a camel thirsting
in the Sahara, groveling, with no life bought,
even in the oasis that was burning through this rot.
And then this amazing girl came right in front of me,
came on my face, and came on my crotch;
but I was emptier than a lonely pier out at sea.
I knew then this new sin she and I shared was botched
from the start when I said, "Hello,
"may I enchant you sometime?"
And over time I grew hollow, more hollow,
most hollow, when she tells me "You're all mine."
You haunt me still in my sleep and in the quiet;
your image seared right into my skin.
And I no longer have the will to calm this riot,
your voice embedded deep within.
It's 12:24 a.m., and my being yearns to feel hers,
but my heart belongs to someone else.
I see her for her in the dourest hours,
but yours is my birthright, and I haven't felt myself
being—trying to feel—all right.
Some things just don't feel right.
Harry Roberts Aug 2017
Beauty on the Beach,
Blooms sending scent Plumes.
Intoxicated, not due to the wine,
Held tight, you whisper "mine."

Wind whispering a sweet tune,
Shielded from sight amidst the sand dunes:
GooseFlesh, white skin, stark in the Moonlight.

      Our bodies cover each other,      
we shake together,
At ******, we quake together,
Kisses smother each other.

Beauty at the Beach
Life's ripe Peach,
Forbidden but begging to be bitten,
Bitterly wish to relive what's been written.
Britney Lyn Dec 2016
Carve the name of the one whose kiss has tainted you into your skin to relive the pain of the memory.
A reminder of how pathetic you were to think anything more could become of the two.
So you bleed and cry, grow exhausted and hungry, with each passing day wanting nothing more but the simple closure that you lost the second you let him in.
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