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Wyvern Queen Nov 2016
Go ahead and call me fake
Tell me how much you think I hurt you
But don't for a second think you aren't a petty liar
Don't you dare think you didn't ruin your own relationship
And for the love of God, leave me the hell alone
Because you know **** well you can't fix what you broke
Idk why but I got mad and needed to vent
Wyvern Queen May 2016
You're so pretty
They're lying
I know

I'm so self confident
No you aren't
I'm almost pompous
I thought you hated yourself

My confidence lies in my appearance
But not usually in my actions
You hate everything you do

A persona
        A lie
                                                   A poser, *if you will

Oh, but none of that matters when you say you love yourself
The thoughts are passing
Just a bit of anxiety

I wish you could see how it feels
It's not the normal self hate
Not when you pretend

So surprise, my friends
You're queen is living a lie
And once you've read this
*She'll pretend it never happened
I'm sorry you had to learn this way
  Apr 2016 Wyvern Queen
I like to convince myself that she's a walking solar system.
­                                                          (It will never be enough;)        
She has the sunken cheek bones of Mercury;
~filthy shadows, caked in crimes~
they forge her face,
oh so well,
and engrave her smile in
stone; the sun
laughs sourly,
and then,
he spits on her.
                   ­                    (Because sorrow is a sweet thing.)
         She reminds me of Venus the most.
         Her hair is the murmur of violet,
         her beauty, it lingers,
         ~like cigarettes beyond the boundary~
         the cosmos, the constellations, and the milky way.
         She is my dragon princess,
         draped in stars and wounds.
         She bleeds
         the somber color of night.
         She is royal, yet alas
         "The queen didn't come
         without a crumbling castle.

                                                                ­  (Three)
                                            (So take it in, don't hold your breath)
                                                      ­   Beneath the arc of her spine;
                                                         Is where Earth plays
                                                         poker with her bones.
                                                         It's such a shame,
                                                         that her ace is her 'unkempt heart,'
                                                         and she lost it to a pitiful bet,
                                                         with a certain ghost I once knew.
                               (The bottom's all I've found.)
            Her fingers gouge through time's fabric, and her hands
            remind me of Mars;
            Powerful and ******,
            Oblivious to what she's created;
            I'm afraid
            the phantom
            she wishes so dearly to see,
            is only getting hungrier.
               (Diamond wings were meant to be torn)
Jupiter is the core of her anxiety,
and she basks in it every day,
never by choice, never by desire.
Muscles and skin of iron and goldenrod,
they carve out our very own Aphrodite,
which is you,
it's always been you.
A rabid angel,
a calamity of chaos,
frothing with  blackened fear.
                                                        ­       (Six)
                              (Spill every flower from your garden of thoughts)
                                             Subtle depression lurks between the
                                             the crooked sea of her ribcage,
                                             it's Saturn smoking rings,
                                             brewin' up the cinders.
                                             ~I reminiscence in the white lace~
                                             of the cobwebs that hold her
                                             heart together.
                                             I've plucked them,
                                             those strings play a mournful
                                             sonata, with her name written all over it.
                          (Promises bend at every funeral we attend)
              In the graces of her palms we found Uranus,
              like teal teeth
              and whimsical witchcraft,
              I watched her thread magic into this world.
              Her hopes shift-shape into 'nocturnal fairies',
              and 'grim reapers' with broken music boxes.
              She is naïve, but that is
              a trait she needs to survive
              in our world of
              metallic dreams and navy nightmares.
                                       (Rejection is a survivable heartache)
                                                   ­  And so what if her heart reminded me
                                                      of Neptune the most?
                                                      The royal vastness
                                                      of­ blue and ivory;
                                                      ~rip­tides on the walls of her soul~
                                                      I want her to know that ambitions
                                                      l­eave more scars and
                                                      tear more crystal flesh;
                                                      tha­n her polished wishes ever will.  
                       (Have you ever seen blood and water in love?)
And her lungs,
they remind me of the honesty of Pluto.
So small, and docile,
like an elliptical smile of grey fire.
Would you lay with me a while,
count your unconditional lovers;
like our burnt stars in mason jars?
Struggle is the birth
of the void and the 'rapture'
~Your king and poet will wait for you,
in the radiant abyss of our ink-hearts~
I will guide you to his open arms,
              a hug awaits my dragon princess.

                                                     ­                   He wears the stars for clothes,
                                                      li­ke an outlaw,
among the banks of the universe.
               Where disease can't reach him, or she,
                                          Cancer can't harm you anymore,

                                                       ­          "Not anymore, Belle."
Sincerely, Capricorn.
© Copywrite Skaidrum
  Apr 2016 Wyvern Queen
1.  Can someone
            teach me,  
            to stop the running
            of blood
            from a wound?
2.   I don't like
            the way
            your body
            wears red;
            it's a warm
            I can't seem to
            from your cotton clothes
            my porcelain mind.
3.  Your kindness; I have never realized
            that it was it's
            very own
            of torture.
            Even blood fell
     ­       cared
            someone blissfully stupid
                             like me.
4.   I should've,
            I would've,
            I could've,
            listened to my father's instructions
            but I didn't.
            I still chase it,
            the second glass star
            to the right.
            I wasn't ready
            for what guilt
            I found;
            I never would've
            been anyways.
5.   Captain hook learned
             how simple
             it was;
             and used a
             black gun
             to ****** Peter,
             and rob him of his'
             favorite lost boy.
             He left the weapon
             in the sleight
             of my hand.
             "Time to grow up, my dear."
6.    Nine years later,
              between now
              and long ago;
              I still create
              whenever I give someone
              the power
              to mention
              your name.
7.     Father always told me
              fairy tales weren't real.
              You were mine.
              You were real.
              I still don't listen
              to father.
8.    You are the dauntless touch,
              to my sense
              of adventure
              to my flavor
              of judgment,
              to my frigid heart of
              I don't have what it
              Not anymore.
9.     One day I will join you.
               The sooner,
               the better.
               So how pointless is it
               that I write
               these letters,
               and remind myself
               that I am much older
               and very
              "Do you miss me as much as I
                     miss you?

Headstones do not have mouths;
only ears. 
 Graves are the best
of listeners.

© Copywrite Skaidrum

April 3rd, 2007.
Death of: Jack-Addison.
Cause of Death: Bullet Wound.
Witness:  Me
  Apr 2016 Wyvern Queen
and like a grey jewel

"How are you feeling?"
Like solace in ocean foam
"What happened?"
She cast salt on my heart
Because I'm the moon's crucifixion
"Who did this?"
The wolves on the water
"Where are they?"
Are you sure you want to ask that question?

you were polished

A rose has made you her prey
"What do you mean?"
Logic is your sword; why is it dull?
"How is it dull?"
Take notice to the black rust instead
"Did she do that?"
Unpredictable is the chaos of a flower
"You think so?"
I know so
"What are you trying to say?"
You need to recognize what weeds are in disguise

to be brilliant;

"You're crying..."
For your misfortune.
"What misfortune?"
Distance is a sadistic torture, I've heard
"I am aware of that."
What's it like, utter helplessness?
"I cannot describe it."
Let me ask you something, though
"What would that be?"
Where would you be without your demons?
"In a better place."
Oh, but doesn't love come at a cruel cost?

to be valued

"All I want is for you to be happy."
I am happy
"You are lying."
What's the difference?
"You deserve everything you've ever wanted."
Does that include death?

but your value

You remind me of this place
"What place?"
The sea of concrete on death's spine
"What is a sea of concrete?"
Take this journey on dead waters
"Where am I going?"
Anywhere but here
"Will you come with me?"

isn't just how bright you shine in the sun---

"Thank you."
For what, grey jewel?
"For always being there when I needed you."
The darkness tastes a little sweeter with your company
"Does it really?"
I could never lie to the truth
"What about me?"
You are the truth

but it's how you don't decay in darkness

Look behind you
"Do I want to?"
Nullify your fear
"What could it be?"
these cracks of hope in the sea of rock
"A...blooming crystal lily?"

"I watched our friendship flower from the concrete."
I am proud
to call myself your friend.

© Copywrite Skaidrum
Wyvern Queen Mar 2016
It's nice to know I can no longer look to you for comfort
It's a pretty great ******* heads up
Wyvern Queen Mar 2016
It's funny you called out "guilt tripping" when that's precisely what you did...
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