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Let me be who I really am with you
My eyes directly train upon what’s true
My realness experiences your realness
Avoiding deceit or pretense
Authenticity unimpeded
Open heart, sharing my opened mind
The real thing unadulterated
My words and feelings unalloyed
Let me be who I really am with you
An undisputed portrait of me
Meaning what is said honestly
Frankness displayed in every word
Candid truth is what you have heard
I’m the legtimate and upfront article
Let me be who I really am with you
Vicson Speirs Dec 2014
When hardship is the only way to learn
Sometimes, it is hard confront and return
But in these times, genuineness will appear
Genuineness of friendship and mind is clear

In these times, True friends will always believe
They'll always trust and they're not naive
As the change approaching, as the road bends
They still trust me, for they are my true friends

I will be with you, my genuine friends
When the day ends, we like to have trends
I will keep few, my genuine friends
The few will lasts forever and ever

Thanks for the few who are genuinely good to me...

July 8, 2014

— The End —