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Alaska  Dec 2016
a reallife-mare
Alaska Dec 2016
and now
my nightmares come true
and now
i'm actually losing you

thank you
for your part in my journey
i say
as a tear rolls down my cheek

thank you
for keeping up with me
i couldn't even stand myself

without you
i wouldn't be here anymore
without you
i wouldn't have hope anymore

but now
that you leave
i'm stuck here
trying to believe

trying to survive
Part of an imaginative good-bye letter
Third Eye Candy Dec 2018
as if the flowers were all asleep and knitting mud ***** _
and perfect spheres. the universe cajoled the Ambassador to Sorrow -
to come forth with a horse's wing and a heavy breath...
a true lover that is sworn to sunshine
and a unicorn eating the meat of a diamond.
all this must be. or the world;-
flounder on a picket fence -
of a lost mind...
and a long stretch of reach
in a stunted growth of

the rain wept because the cosmos was full of Lies
with a capital ' L '.
deflated by default, but willing to take One
for The Team of wild horses; that carried the thunder-
to your precious Dawn; in the first place.
to outwit the Heresies
of a misadventure
with an Ode
To Choice!

of course, the plane eats
a mountainside
just sitting on
the cat.

and you're gonna
look at me

as I walk through
Starry  Aug 2019
Ptsd poem 18
Starry Aug 2019
This is my poker face
If you have seen it
In reallife
And you know that you have
Vexed me
Namely you

This is my poker face
If you have seen it
In real life
And you know you
Have vexed
For I am the devil.

— The End —