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Kaylee Ann Mar 2019
hate is as strong as a blade
yet, you throw it around like it's a debate
your religion is the false foundation for your hatred
you hold onto your false morals like a trophy
that trophy is not holy
you constructed that as a shield for loathing
killing true religion
creating the theology of hate
Kyla Plummer Dec 2018
Eyes close. Now-
Everything is perfect.
Clean air, perfect
Rays of sunlight.
Dandelions, sunflowers to roses,
All gather in a field
Near a beautiful spring.
Caramel, Chocolate and vanilla,
Pass each other by on the streets,
Shaking hands and hugging,
Even kissing cheeks.
They laugh together,
All flavours combined;
Chugging beers, eating chicken,
From the same plate.

My mind wonders,
Is it all real?
How are these flavours mixed?
When did these flavours mix?
Where was I? And-
More specifically,
What time is this?
How are they so oblivious,
To this kind of bliss?

Eyes open.
I lay in a grassy field,
But its not green.
It's made of red and yellow-orange.
I look around-
But guess just what I see?

Ashes kiss the air,
In perfect layers.
Buildings burn,
Vanilla whipping chocolate;
Laughing vigorously.
I feel sticky, wipe my face.
It's not sweat, its my blood,
From a concussion.
The one that sent me-
To that ****** piece of-

— The End —