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Jas Aug 2017
The melanin which coats my skin so effortlessly
Propagates poetry, completely faultless
I am empowered and feared
Like an electric fence surrounding the perimeter
Of a jail house or asylum
Both on either side recognize me
As something without entry or exit

"You're cute for a black girl"
Is what they say to me -
Though my knees fastened in position
Standing tall
I am supposed to bend and bow,
To accept this "compliment" and condemn
Others before and after me
To accept is to limit the scope of beauty
Because I am
The exception;
I'm "cute for a black girl." 

To all of the people
With an outlook on life
That only encompasses the width and length of a rabbit hole
I salute your stupidity and arrogance
Your firm belief in marching behind those
Truly one of a kind, 100% seen faux compliments
That I am not supposed to be offended by -

When we all know every offensive statement begin with "no offense,"

How about
You're cute for an *******
You're absolutely **** for an imbecile -
Who needs abs when you've got this?
For anyone who has received this golden compliment of the highest order, do not let the giver slide away so easily. "Compliments such as these need to be burned and burried.

— The End —