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Alex Oct 2017
Some dogs are big
Some dogs are small
Some dogs love to dig
Some dogs prefer their ball
Some dogs fight
Some dogs attack
Some dogs some dogs bite
Others have your back
Sally A Bayan Sep 2016
A quick passing of a faint sound...reached my ear
A whisper of a whimper the silence of the midnight's atmosphere
Over coffee...i listened harder,
One minute, it was there
The next was gone

Morning quickly came
But, it just wasn't the same
Before noon was over,
The "weirdly quiet" backyard
Became crazy...with activities...

The whimpering started again....then stopped,
Followed by tiny whining voices
My pet's eyes were so alert...her looks shifting
From one pinkish creature to the other(s)
Like...she was doing the counting, herself...

Last time i looked, there were only three,
But, then...three became five!
Apart from Larry, Curly and Moe
I  need two more names.....
No, wait! I need three more, for
I now see six white, squirming square-faced puppies!

If i had things my way
My backyard would extend further, wider....i'd
have eight dogs, a mix of labradors and retrievers
An all female  roam and guard the place
So that my pet dog, wouldn't have to be
As big and heavy as a pregnant ewe
Never again to suffer....the pain of giving birth to six puppies
Never again to whimper, in the stillness of one dark midnight...


Copyright April 10, 2016
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
...puppies were born in April...only four left, two died...
all mongrels, but so fierce, puppies and parents....
Keonte Johnson Aug 2016
There’s this void in my heart
A terminal illness, I was bound to die from the start
Day by day it slowly gets bigger
And so the amount of pain it does trigger
I don’t consider this to be living
And I think, Why is life so unforgiving?
But somehow I get through it
Now that I think about it, there is one secret
There is one thing that makes the pain all the more worthwhile
And it never fails to give me a smile
Always there when needed
And without it I never would have succeeded
This thing makes my body numb and fills me with joy
It makes me feel alive like a newborn baby boy
It caresses me dearly
Helps me see the world clearly
Because of this thing I feel brand new
Dont be surprised when I say this thing is you
I ended making it about someone you hold dearly or cherish that has lifted you up someway in life. OR it means whatever you want. If you think its about puppies flying into space then it's about puppies flying into space :)
I opened up
Dumped out the words
Kicked them hard
For the sound I heard
Crack ! goes the breaking ribs
There is no pity that I give
Stomped then flat
Stretched then out
Made them squeal
Then I made them shout
I grabbed them by the naked throat
Squeezed so hard
I made them choke
I made pain flash in their eyes
I made them pay for all their lies
Hot fear sweated out
Red blood dripped cold
without a doubt
I made them wish
they had never said
Before I made
A morgue , of the page
Annie Helbrew Aug 2015
Puppies and puddles
Licks and hugs
Soft and lovable
Just look at their mugs
A smile on their face
a twinkle in their eye
they're just so sweet
no need to ask why.
Little wet kisses
soft gentle nuzzles
not very complicated
like crossword puzzles.
They arrive with love
and joy in their heart
just wanna share
and not be apart.
Kazian May 2015
So furry and snuggly but not too much...simply a touch
Are we gonna run run? Where are we going mum?
Can I follow you upstairs so I can get under your feet while you try to get ready? I'm so excited to get to the trees, the dirt, the slime of the bog of eternal stench. Please don't shower me off if I get too stinky by maybe rolling in a dead animal left in our sanctuary. I just want to run and chase the deer. I'll come back to you no matter what Mum cause I love you, you know exactly where and how hard to scratch my *** mum! You feed me too and give me that tasty orange stuff. I know when you're gonna give it to me cause I have memorized the sound of the package when you take it out of the fridge. Ok Ok I'm just so excited I can't concentrate on one thing. You tell me to go get my collar...I think I know what you mean. I'll go look for it. I found it, let's goooooooo mum. Spin spin spin around we're close to the door now so it's going to be soon.  I know you want me to calm down mum but I just don't think I can! Oh wow , we're going out the door....
Trying to read my Akita's minds...ya not gonna ever happen. LOL I'm no poet nor writer...but this sure is becoming a fantastic outlet. Thanks for reading and liking it's so encouraging and beyond uplifting for me. Especially at this nasty time in my life!
Drifton A Way Apr 2015
Wake up and rejoice for the privilege, you once again are alive
Obsess over bringing joy and insight, in fact go ahead and strive
Relinquish all hatred in your heart and wipe your sleep-eye crust
Don't forget and let out a **** so you don't spontaneously combust
Savor every waking and walking minute before you join the dust

Offer something you really want to someone who's really in need
Find out how much we all are blinded daily by unnecessary greed

Advise a close friend with true altruism and listen attentively
Decide to truly help them instead of avoiding it ever so gently
Visualize who you truly want to be and accept it's possibility
Impose random belly laughter at each and every opportunity
Create change that at the least can induce and effortless smile
Embrace reality and your dreams, we're only here a little while
I'm sure you can find something in there worth a **** for yourself... but if not, go play with a puppy
alex Oct 2014
Here are some things I know:
2+2 is always 4, in the center of an apple lies the core.
One foot is left and the other is right, you need lots of wind to fly a kite.
Puppies are soft and the earth moves slow, red means stop and green means go.
Clouds are white, the sky is blue, and I am absolutely, completely, in love with you.
Here is a happy poem for a change :) oh, and it rhymes.
© Alexandrea Biggs
featherfingers May 2014
Based on a painting, "Nuclear Puppies", by Julie Nagel, 2001*

You’re a mutant, you know—
got funny dog babies sprouting
out of your head like they were
ears.  Those copies of your face

look up at a sky of ashy gray,
perked and tense.  Are you listening
to yourself?  What choir
of dog-eared deformities

sings to you?  Maybe they should have
howled louder before we dropped The Bomb.
Maybe the yellow caterwaul of their
melting butter bodies would have stayed our hand.

I doubt it though.  
This is what we do. We burn things.
We tinker, adding and subtracting until
what’s left is blasphemy—until what’s left is

you.  A yellow almost-dog, a sagging
body with melted flesh where there should
be fur. Sad monster; beg your alms
from the atomic Frankensteins who made you.

Your skyward eyes are bright, still happy
anywhere but here.  But your abominable
body lies here staring into gray space with
Alpo still sticky on your nose, wet, brown snow.
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