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Aug 2016
There’s this void in my heart
A terminal illness, I was bound to die from the start
Day by day it slowly gets bigger
And so the amount of pain it does trigger
I don’t consider this to be living
And I think, Why is life so unforgiving?
But somehow I get through it
Now that I think about it, there is one secret
There is one thing that makes the pain all the more worthwhile
And it never fails to give me a smile
Always there when needed
And without it I never would have succeeded
This thing makes my body numb and fills me with joy
It makes me feel alive like a newborn baby boy
It caresses me dearly
Helps me see the world clearly
Because of this thing I feel brand new
Dont be surprised when I say this thing is you
I ended making it about someone you hold dearly or cherish that has lifted you up someway in life. OR it means whatever you want. If you think its about puppies flying into space then it's about puppies flying into space :)
Keonte Johnson
Written by
Keonte Johnson
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