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Donald Maher Jan 20
My name is Amanda; I am pleased to meet you.
I must tell you my story I swear it is all-true.
It happened one day I was feeling quite low.
I had run out of answers I did not know where to go.

While all of my friends played out in the yard.
I pondered my homework it was so very hard.
Many times, I have tried and then just fell flat.
I just get so very angry and I act like a brat.
As I sit here and think, getting feelings of dread.
Many thoughts many words bounce around in my head.

Five plus five equals ten or possibly eleven.
If three is then taken does that make it seven?
Multiply that by four and let me see what I get.
I do not know the answer, not now, not quite yet.
As I sat and I sat, I thought very hard.
I even tried walking my dog in the yard.
I thought, “What can I do, how can I solve this riddle.
Perhaps I should give up, just start playing the fiddle.”
I finally at last came to the end of my rope.
I had given up all; I had run out of hope.

When at once there appeared a man dressed all in green.
He seemed very nice and not at all mean.
His hair was all fluffy and white as the snow.
On his right shoulder there sat a small crow.
He walked with a limp so he moved bit by bit.
When he came a lot closer, I asked him to sit.

He carried in his arms a very small trunk.
I asked what was in it, he replied, “Mostly just junk”
Sometimes it holds answers to problems and wishes.
But I usually just use it to just carry my dishes.
My name is Jin, and I heard you were amiss
I might just have a fix for a problem like this.

There is a cap you can wear when things get all hazy
It is green and fluffy and topped with a daisy.
I think that I have it somewhere, right in this trunk”
He reached deep inside, pulled out all sorts of junk.
Soon something emerged, made of tattered green cloth.
It was the cap that he spoke of and the wings from a moth.
He spoke. ”Put this cap on your head it should fit you quite well.
It won’t take very long you’ll be starting to tell.”
I cried, “I feel very silly don’t think this will work.
I look like an idiot I feel like a ****.
I do not see how this hat will help me be smart.
Can it help me with Math, how soon will it start?”

What is it I am feeling things are beginning to get clear.
Just like a fog is lifting from my head ear to ear
The Math it is so simple, how could I not see?
Just use some patience the answers will come to me    
But how can this be? This is only a hat.
It just sits on my head, like my Grandmas old cat.
I cannot really guess there may be some magic.
Without its help, the results would be tragic.

My homework all finished, my brain is so tired
From all this new knowledge that I just acquired
I must lay down I must take a nap
I must not forget to keep on my cap

I soon awakened, I felt so much smarter.
I tackled more problems that got even harder.
It worked with my Math I even did art.
Drawing my self was my most favorite part.
Wait! As I looked in the mirror I saw,
My cap has been lost and I stand here in awe.
But now what has happened I still feel very smart
I can still solve the Math and Science and make amazing Art.
Please, please tell me how can this be?
I don’t understand please help me to see.
Listening he appeared to be awfully proud
He laughed and he said so strong and aloud,
“It is not in the cap or the lone single daisy.
You were tired and sleepy, that’s why you were hazy.
It fell off your head whilst you took a long nap.
You arrived at the answers but not with the cap.”

I said, “How can this be it made me so smart?
I knew all my math; I knew how to make art.”

Its confidence you needed, the cap gave it to you.
It just helped you remember what you already knew.
Next time when you feeling all foggy and hazy,
Remind yourself of that cap, with the one single daisy.”
Donald Maher Dec 2018
Snit and Snat
      Part 1

    Different from me!
From a very young age, I was told what to think
What to do how to do it how to dress how to drink
When old enough to know all about this and about that
I was told by my father to watch out for the SNATs!

He told me such stories he stoked all my fears.
I just could not sleep right not for nearly a year
After all, he had told me that we were all SNITs,
We live a good life here down in the pits

Our people don’t mix with the SNATS up above
We stay down in our pit that fits us like a glove
The SNATS live above and control all the land
Some live by themselves in holes in the sand.

Some live in villages infested by rats
They eat crazy food and they even have cats
Don’t venture they said don’t stray way up there
They will soon gulp you down without even a care.

The noises they make shake our homes way down here
It makes our young children cower in fear.
Being curious I said, “I just have to know.  
How do they live and where do they go?

I must find this out I must venture up there
And find the true story, what why and where.”                                   I climbed out of the pit and on to the sand
Strange sounds I soon heard from way cross the land

It was the sound of a SNAT making way through the gloom
“SNAT! SNAT! SNAT!” he growled as he ran toward my doom.
I climbed to a place, up atop a great tree
The SNAT followed suit and sat next to me.

His skin was all furry his eyes were bright blue
He looked down at my feet and he took off my shoe
He let out a SNAT laugh and ran down the tree
I soon followed quickly and what do I see.

The SNAT was now dancing and singing with glee,
As loud as he could, SNAT! SNAT! SNAT!   1, 2, 3,
I climbed up that tree and watched for a while
The SNAT just kept dancing and showed a great smile

   He was wearing my shoe as he danced through that night
He didn’t even stop when it started to get light
He sang that SNAT song over and over
It stuck in my head even when I got older.

But what happened that day I remember like new
The SNAT stopped his dance and gave me my shoe.
He pulled me aside opened his mouth up so wide
I fast pulled away and tried hard to hide.

Was he trying to eat me, would I soon meet my doom?
I tried very hard to get out of the room
He grabbed hold of my hand pulled me out on the floor
Before I could blink, he was dancing once more

Snat showed me some steps he took it quite slow
In a very short time, I was ready to go
I grabbed the snat's hand and showed him my moves
Before very long we were hitting our grooves

He sang his Snat song, just as loud as can be
But then he just stopped and started looking at me
He grabbed my 2 hands, forced me right out the door
A tear fell from his eye and he dropped to the floor

What mystery is this? What is that Snat doing?
It was easy to tell something new was now brewing
Snat thought and thought, this I cannot admit
Had I just become friends with a Snit?

What is this now? How can this be?
Snits cannot be my friends they are different you see.
As a small child, things were made very clear
Stay away from the snits run away fast in fear

They‘re skin is not hairy their eyes are not blue
They do not know how to dance, not even soft shoe.
Snits live in a pit, Snats live on the land
Snats play in the woods, Snits play in the sand

Snits are quite different I see that is true
But just underneath they are much like Snats too.
I don’t care what they do I don’t care what they say
My new friend is a Snit I declare that today!

The Snat then approached me and made it quite clear
Saying, “I am your friend!” This was good news to hear
We sat and we talked about this and about that
He showed pictures of family and even his cat

We planned great adventures where we should soon go
Go out to the beaches and even see snow
I will tell you these stories when they do unfold
Exploring our world’s see, what treasures they hold

Now my adventure, must end I admit
I must go to my family way down in the pit
Just as I was climbing down in the sand
Snat was singing a new song as he traveled the land
Snat! Snit! Snat! 1 2 3  Snat! Snit! Snat! You and me!
Snat! Snit! Snat! 1 2 3  Snat! Snit! Snat! You and me!
Part of multi part epic
Donald Maher Jan 2018
As she waked through the door I could tell by the look in her eye
Exactly what she wanted and I would be the one to give it to her
Sitting her down I wrapped her firmly and released the golden locks
Which flowed like silk down her sides

My well-oiled tool stroked its way thru her thick mat of hair
Giving her what she wanted as best as I could continuing my motion
First from the rear, the from the sides and finally from the front
As I spun her around to see she begged for just one more inch

Telling her I would do my best I obliged and finished shortly after
As I uncovered her she rose from the chair beaming with satisfaction
I asked if I would see her again, she did not respond
I knew she would return again just as before and I would be ready.
Donald Maher Jan 2018
Woke up this morning, I was lying on the floor
The windows were all covered, bars upon the door
People came inside I said,” What is this all for?”
They said, “You need your medicine!”

After taking the medicine, I walked on down the hall
Comic book writing was all over the walls
Grandfather clock was talking with a drawl
What he said I don’t remember

I came to a room where Nuns were all tripping
The Priests were all ******, the Altar boys were dipping
I could not tell what the Bishops were all sipping
The Pope he was just lying on the floor

Went back to my room, thought it would be safe
The people there were talking about how it was too late
They said, “Come in we do not have long to wait
Jesus is coming before dinner!”
Donald Maher Jan 2018
Questions unanswered, never know why
Filled our mouths with Maypo, our brains with lies
The facts we are given are all their own view
Hypocrisy and hate are all that they spew

Remember I tell you faith can revive
Instincts in us we need to survive
Listen to you soul, open your eyes
Have trust in yourself and they cannot arise
Donald Maher Jan 2018
We question our existence
Driven by Natures insistence
That we all go the distance
But we don’t know how

Running around in circles
Like a bunch of comic Erkles
The dinosaur is purple
But we don’t know why

What are we becoming?
The music starts humming
The drummers are all drumming
But we don’t know where

Soon it will be over
Lying in the clover
Next to an old friend Rover
But we don’t know when

— The End —