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Lunatic Mar 2018
Online, I am online , yet nobody knows.
Forsaken for long like megabytes lost,
Self-formatted, self-defragged in bitter woes,
Disconnected from ever vanishing host.
As errors in sectors broke, how story goes?
Yet I exist - subsist like file.exe to bin tossed.

Into digital dusk of zeroes and noise ,
Into pixelated ocean of electric dreams,
Wrecked down, kicked out of promised poise.
Appalling abyss it hungers, it redeems:
My love, the dearest and the simple joys.
Strange, no, just sad, like expired memes..

Then in this vastness, in world without God,
Where none has trod , nor trully smiled or wept.
I shall disperse myself, as does in water cod-
My thoughts and dreams will never be wrecked
Un-whispering and un-whispered there will I lie,
In cyberspace, as grass below and unvaulted sky.
Lunatic Nov 2016
In places that are our modern stages:
In searching bars of auctions and other pages
I looked for faith I craved for trust
But I find just little more than noisy dust

Click after click , do it again , be quick
No way to halt , motionless will make us sick.
I think I should have stopped there, then:
Once trap shuts , you are inside the den.

I could not see, because of night perhaps,
With fever of search close to collapse
Got what memory can not contain
Ideas that I nursed for long in my brain

My babies of mind offspring of thought
I had them before but now I forgot
Replaced by trends of modern waste
That chained around of my own waist

My head, once beautiful, funny and round
Got squared, - now it fits the background
I wish we were brave and therefore free,
Above blue screen what else do you see?
Lunatic Oct 2015
Autumn scattered allover  sorrow and leafs,
But sun will  shine not knowing  the griefs.
Amun -Ra in other world is happy at last:
Elvish prophet predicted the forecast.

Legends and myths give us hope everyday,
Make think how actually close is Milk Way
And Peter Apostle sometimes with Athena
Waltzing in sands of Coliseum arena .

You know, I  do believe in Jesus the Christ
Prophets of Muhammad are highly priced
I share wisdom of Gautama  the Buddha
In my dreams Vishnu appeared on Garuda.

See nymphs enjoying dew drop in a dawn
Letter on ground made by steps of a faun.
As fables flocking like river through wood,
I shall always believe in love and in Good.
Lunatic Oct 2015
Scratched letters among  fragile pages
Echoing the  melody that is so ageless
I heard them once and still remember:
The song of forest rivers in November

And far -away birds' bittersweet ring
Reflected from mind in sudden swing  ;
A handful of warmth in cold winter
I carried in a heart, -  my love's splinter.

Let tears exhibit feelings as beautiful
As lost of them made present dreadful
Do not know why  I was given to you,
But I let the road lead me as you did too.

Don't be quite- paint a sky on a window
And will be new sunrise on old meadow.
Beyond the horizon the promised place ,
Where fluffy clouds move in swift pace-

It's all what I will take there with me
It's all what I will let after me to be.
Lunatic Aug 2015
In concrete jungle I laying was-
A frozen body, nearly corpse.
For yet for me unknown cause,
Though I have heard so many warps.

I pant for air , I really tried,
When gloomy silhouette arrived
For so long waited clement strike.
My mind and flesh got dead alike.

She teared my skull and knocked on it,
The sound was dull and empty.
And brains appeared just in a fit,-
She said - "You will have plenty"

My vision almost lost and muddy
She fixed with her own eyes -
I sow even the smallest body,
And how a star with suffer dies.

Then strangled I of poison
Filled in my butchered throat.
With it my heart been moisten
Oh Gods , how did she gloat!

She cut our veins and mixed blood.
Thought mine looked as the ***** mud,
But her was like a lava flood,
And them something in me did scud.

With sense extinct and face composed
She touched my lips with last goodbye.
Her term of life was nearly closed
And then the silhouette did die.

For many years after that day
With truth I poisoned minds of people,
With burning heart I light the way
I shouted thoughts from highest steeple.

But no one's life forever draws-
Mine also never was exception
I gathered myself up, because
I have to pay my last redemption

So in concrete jungle I walking was,
When sow right body, nearly corpse...
Lunatic Aug 2015
One day I 'll climb on highest mountain
And gather from all around the grief -
Till end dried will be the bitter fountain,
So others could feel in life a bit belief .
Lunatic Aug 2015
Respect the old while passing by
So as you are they were once too
So as they are you'll be once too
Remember the old while passing by
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