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Hollie Wilson Feb 2018
You said that you didn't want
to lose me
but what is this
if it is not loss?

It isn't love
It isn't happiness
It isn't good

If you think that what we have now isn't loss
then you are even more stupid than I thought

You said that you didn't want to lose me
but you are the one that cut the cord

-Can you remember the last place you had it? That is the question of lost things-
Hollie Wilson Feb 2018
I hate the way you look at me now.

Some days
you look through me
as though
I am a pane of glass.

Other days
you look at me with
pain and regret
as though
you are trying to decide
to say sorry

because you made a terrible mistake
Hollie Wilson Feb 2018
I feel as though
my life
is just
one long poem

that nobody
is reading
Hollie Wilson Feb 2018
How is it possible to have so many beautiful memories
with a person
and then one day
to have them all burned and reduced to ashes?

How is it possible for the person sharing these memories
with you
to be the one striking the match?

I thought that my tears alone
would be enough to put the roaring flames out,
but I discovered that it was a two-person job,
and he wasn't crying.

So it burned
The fire raged

And now we're nothing but grey ash
Hollie Wilson Feb 2018
We all tell lies, lies so deep
We all have secrets that aren't ours to keep
We all have feelings we're battling with,
Decisions to make, to die or to live?
Deep inside of us all there is a fear, that the only way to be happy is to cut yourself ear to ear
The worst part of it all is that even when we think we do we have no one to call
So go now, get out of this well, but whatever you do don't take the wrong road or you'll end up in hell
The devil will ask how you know your way around the halls of hell, and you'll reply by saying, I don't need a map to navigate a darkness I know so well.
Hollie Wilson Feb 2018
What do we really have in this world?

Apart from the handwritten letters,
the dusty polaroids capturing
memorable days long gone,
and out battle scars.

We have nothing much at all.

Because it all gets snatched away too soon.

— The End —