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But at some point you have to stop expecting people to be as kind to you as you are to them

While your heart is beautiful and lovely, so many have been turned so cold into stone

At some point you have to stop apologizing, when you know you ve done nothing wrong. You have to stop begging the people you love to stay in your life.

At some point you have to walk away

You have to believe that you deserve more and the right person will never let you believe anything else.

You have to stop trying so hard to make everyone happy

And start focusing on your own mental health.

The people who are meant to be a part of your life will always find a way to stay there.

So at some point you have to move on.

Ronin 1d
is art
just like
it needs to be expressed

a razor blade
is my pen
my skin
the paper
and my blood
the ink

art tells a story
coming from
deep inside
our darkest secrets
and once they're written down
they stay
It's okay not to be okay
But i'm not really okay to make it okay
Even it has to be okay in every way
Hope and dreams are burning in the sun
After tragedy that truly killing my mind
****** eyes in my wasting time
Broken soul's trying to run
Beautiful scar, it won't be fine
I did everything for you
But you left me with someone new
It broke me not just in two
My hearts free falling for you
No ground in sight
In love and falling for miles
these happy feelings ticking all the boxes
In my mind I undoubtedly know it’s elated feelings is right

It's more than just your captivating smile
It’s your enchanting independent fight
Your sparked passion is relentless
Fueling wanting to be a better me
A desire you always unknowingly ignite

My love equivalent to flooded rivers
Their destinations the ocean of love in your heart
Your every kiss a breath of life I live for
Your silken touch seductively excites my skins thought

Emotions closely related to shivers
Excitedly freezing my mind
There is no Angel I would rather imprint on
We believe in past lives our souls were heavenly entwined

Yours is the smile that I live for
Your sweet taste embedded in my soul
I pledged my love to you for eternity
Even in the afterlife we promised to be betrothed
Even though you were stolen by death
Like a thief in the night
My heart I buried with you
Only for the reason
My heart will then forever know light
M 1d
की दिन गुजरता नहीं और उम्र कटती चली जा रही,
तेरी तस्वीर इन आँखों मे बस्ती चली जा रही,
की ज़रा सी भी भनक नही तुमको हमारे इश्क़ की,
और ये दुनिया हमारे मोहब्बत की चर्चा करती जा रही।

हम मदहोश हो जाते है तुम्हारी आँखों मे देखते ही,
और तुम हो कि इन आँखों से हमे जाम पिलाती जा रही।

हम खड़े रहते हैं तुम्हारे इंतज़ार में उस राह में जिससे तुम गुजरती हो,
और तुम हो कि हर दिन अपनी राह बदलती जा रही।

हम समझदार समझ के इशारे करते हैं तुम्हें,
और तुम हो कि नासमझ बनती जा रही।

की दिन गुजरता नहीं और उम्र कटती चली जा रही,
तेरी तस्वीर इन आँखों मे बस्ती चली जा रही,
हम इंतज़ार ही करते रहे तुमसे एक मुलाकात की,
और तेरे घर के आगे आशिक़ों की कतार बढ़ती चली जा रही।

हम तड़प उठते हैं तुम्हें किसी और के साथ देख कर,
और तुम हो कि नए दोस्त बनाती जा रही।

हम तो लिखते हैं हाल-ए-अपना हर दफा,
और तुम हो कि मेरे जज्बातों को शायरी समझती जा रही।

हम खत्म तो कर दें इस मोहब्बत के सिलसिले को,
पर तुम हो कि हर बार हमें अपना बनाती जा रही।

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