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  Aug 12 Tricia K
I found myself lost and alone
struggling to feel free
but as time moved along
I knew I could be a better me.
Tricia K Aug 12
A thousand stars,
none as precious as you.
My darling, my love.

The forbidden fruit of our love,
despised by the Land and the Sea.
Our future, non-existent.

My muse, my dear mermaid,
years may have passed –
but nonetheless, you are by my side,
Following my every move
from up there in the sky.

When my heart broke,
yours broke.
Bitter love, bitter death.

If only you were human,
you'd still be by my side –
holding my hand, holding my heart.
I wrote this poem for my best friend's pirate king fanart, and I fell in love with it as soon as I finished it. It was made on a dark starry night, while I was looking through my window, thinking about my lost friendships.
Tricia K Aug 12
Dark mist and ****** fields,  
a smelly fragrance that the sword wields.
No matter how sinful, unholy,
human depravity is a whole new story.
Every millenium we start anew,
a new warfare or a few.

With every reincarnation
there come troops that defend the nation.
The Renaissance of mankind,
the Epiphany of the Blind.
With every tear, every cry,
another send-off, another soul to fly.

Families hidden, children afraid,
the only thing left is faith.
One's belief shimmers in the sky,
millions of stars sing a peaceful lullaby.
No more bloodshed,
less people on a deathbed.

Dead silence.

The end of utter chaos,
the chance to start a séance.
To say goodbye to the deceased.
All the sorrow ceased.
Yearning means wishing for hope,
but to yearn means achieving hope.

After aspiring to Peace,
the Essence of life,
the Hope of mankind,
the World goes through a serene Genesis.

— The End —