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jdmaraccini Aug 2021
Infested, impaled, slaughtered meat, and brimstone candy—
slumped on a throne with a pirate's dagger under a skeleton key.
Drowning children in a gaping gutter of godless servitude,
putrid streams dripping puddles under the disemboweled.
Drink the fornicating disease, backmasking a kaleidoscope clown,
forget me not as my ship docks, I will surely help you drown.
Max Neumann Nov 2019
manager demanded: write
for all of 'em

conscience claimed: write

yesterday time
stopped passing by
yesterday i
floated above the
hudson river

grand mansions
polished shores


the pillage started when
scavengers pillaged

don't get me wrong you
get me?
Rob Sandman Jan 2018
The Harbour quakes as we break your Boom,
The Nemesis Sails-Harbinger of doom,
A New Chapter - the Sly Celt Raptor,
Bain **** proceed us-Scream in rapture
As The Bodhran shakes your eardrums shatter,
Lightning rakes- your defences Scatter,

It's raiding season!-Take your Oars!,
Boats filled to the brim with Ores and ******
our targets-fat Merchants waddle,
Crimson seas as the Forces Battle

The Morrigan Swaddles our mind with the caul (call)
no Mercy asked(None Given!) SLAY ALL
Widows scream as they're dragged to the Ship
Towns burn to ash in our wake as we rip,  
A Blood red Swathe Through the Dawn in the east,
As the Nemesis Sails,The Harbinger Feasts...
This is the second of "The Nemesis Tales" (Number one is just called The Nemesis and is up here)
a Serial tale based around a Demon Ship called somewhat obviously The Nemesis,
there will be blood!
Arcassin B Apr 2017
By Arcassin Burnham

Just strolling along , just standing in place , i would,
show you more than what really happens in this place if i could,

skies are getting dark and grey , as it persuades , message,
if anything nobody listens to me so i pillage,

i could still see the stars , like its apart of my life,
i wish to find a stunning gorgeous guardian of a wife,

long hair to the back , isn't that a fact , i could make,
everybody wish they had a soulmate on an interstate,

Pretending i have a good home to come to , while thinking,
it was all a hoax that i provoked , this ship is sinking,

having life situations bore me , so i did,
the most responsible thing in the world , the choice that i picked.


We leave,
without a goodbye or a sayonara..
The future,
and every promise that we made is gone in the wind,
Some Trust,
the spirits they crave but it never comes through,
The Last Bit,
Of people wondered  when their hearts will ever get saved,

and i'm one of them,
its way too early for the *******,
the sunlight shines in my eyes,
i swear on life i wanna just quit,
i stopped trading blows for this disguise,
And all my life I've tried to quit,
five other times I've tried to end it,
I know that i'm not good enough,
for the rapture all the way to the end of a brand new.
©ABPoetryRisenLP2017 ©ABPoetry2017
Dae Staebell Jan 2016
Though I splish
Though I splash
*** I drink so fear my wrath

Behold my mate
Behold my captain
Cutlasses ring and we are laughing

Pity me not
Pity the foe
Sink him to the godless unknown

Plunder the hold
Plunder her chest
Strife we be so do not rest

Sink the English
Sink the Spanish
We rule here so we **** them

Free we are
Free we be
A lavish life is the one for me

If I am hanged
If I am dead
Fear not mate I swam to land

Cut your foes
Cut their friends
We rule this kingdom
    In the Queen Anne's Revenge!
A fun poem to show my appreciation for pirates. My favorite time in history.
Aubrey Jan 2015
I was always a pirate,
but I cried when my mother made me apologize
mouth sticky with taffy
standing, chubby and head hanging at the register.

Fast forward about 15 years and the bag was full before I came in...
sort of...
with each five-fingered purchase,
I flattened filling and raised awareness.

That '86 Royalle Olds' might as well
have had a Jolly Roger on the break light.
Those lawn-lovers had no idea; the gnomes stood no chance.  

The refrigerator in that apartment was a shelf of empty bottles.
My mouth was a shelf of angry urchins;
prickly, and poisonous.

Age made me less salt than ore
and I tried to love the land
with fervency and fear.

Clinging to the pews, the fat lady did sing,
and sing, and sing,
but not the ending.

Once you earn the salt-sailor's badge,
there is no convenient way to dress it up,
but boy does it make a good story from the pulpit.

I can't boast of robbed riches or daring escapes.
My ships were sodden floored and taking weight.
My homesteads, still, were fractured living.

So, no, instead of calling the name a fate, I'd rather gloat.
Raccoons, clever bandits and plunderers they are
do not make excuses for their nature.

They are who they are,
and I...
am a pirate.

— The End —