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raquezha Jun 21
goal of a picture
is to capture
a moment in time
that takes you back
to a spiral journey
freezing everything
portraying nothing
just an imagery
of a timeless memory
stuck between
seconds and minutes
hours and days
here and everywhere
it's not just a picture
it's also about you
raquezha Jun 20
Baby, you make music
like a mother's love
you take your listeners
to their childhood memories
you make them miss their moms
your music kills all the cliches in the world
your music heals all sounds
your music captures my soul
so don't ever stop
until you reach your goal
raquezha Jun 19
Time covers our fault
Space consumes our thoughts
Words make us talk
Imagination makes us walk
Steps create a waltz
Our feet makes a path
Heart beats so loud
Days make me crazy
I love you even more baby
Not seeing you makes me lonely
I miss you so badly
I cry like a baby
raquezha Jun 18
Lead me
to the place
you always go
Let's watch
ourselves grow
I'll take you
to places I know
Let's watch the sky
until the moon shines
let's stay together
until the end of time
raquezha Jun 17
"welcome home"

two words that
bring back
the beat in my heart
I feel alive again
I'll take you
to a field
full of reeds
I'll watch you bloom
under the sun
You're all I need
now that you're here
Please don't ever leave
Take my hand
and follow my lead.
raquezha Jun 16
morning comes
and morning goes
and it's all because
of the coffee
you're making me
that gives me another
reason to continue


thinking like that
only makes it fair
for no matter
what happens
I still believe
that everyone
has a happy
place to stay

and that place
is where
you can find me
Staring right back at you

"welcome home"
raquezha Jun 15
us—the fallen
created by loneliness
fathomed by dizziness
standing in front of
this great black coffee
we are ready
bring out all you can
we'll never surrender
throw us some bread
don't let us sleep
don't let us starve to death
us—the sleepless
we'll fight until
morning comes
raquezha Jun 14
Die with me
let's climb
the highest tree
wrap ourselves
with the clothes of time
Let's jump
in the finest position
take our soul
keep it inside the bottle

Let's wait
for the ground to hit us
for the branch to reach us
for the leaves to save us
for the ones who leaves us
for us
raquezha Jun 13
me against
everybody else
It's always the same
every day
of the month
it's always the same
I open my eyes
I draw a line between
morning and  evening
I make a fist
held it high
high enough
for the birds to see
and everyday passes me by
raquezha Jun 12
Stars crashed
in front of me
as I go to private streets
I tend to think
beyond those painful hints
I tend to cry
over simple thought
that you and I
will never work
I tend to walk
until I can
no longer walk
why on earth
would you make me feel
that there can never be
you and me
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